Top 10 Boston Team Building Activities for 2024

Looking for fun and truly unique team building activities in Boston? That’s what we do best. From exploring Boston’s historic past to revealing the secrets of the city’s most fascinating neighborhoods, you’ll be sure to come away with lasting memories and better camaraderie than ever.

Boston team building activities for art lovers


Museum of Fine Arts? More like the Museum of Fun Arts when you go on this eye-popping, jaw-dropping tour across the centuries. With your team, you’ll discover startling aspects of objects and art from ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, Japan, China, India, Paris, and all periods of American history. Your challenge: answer tricky questions about what you find. To triumph, you just need sharp eyes, comfy shoes, and great teamwork.

Location: Boston Museum of Fine Arts

What people are saying: “Our group of 22 did the Scavenger Hunt at the MFA as a holiday gathering and everyone had a blast! It is very well organized, and has enough for each person on each team to contribute in some way and really lends to a great team building event sparking a great sense of competition as well as teamwork. Highly recommend!”


There’s a killer on the loose at the Museum of Fine Arts, and it’s up to your team to stop him! How? By playing the scavenger hunt he created, which will ultimately reveal his identity, the murder weapon, and the location of the victim’s body. He sent the hunt to the police and dared them to try and solve it, but they’re stumped. Now they need your help.

You’ll be supplied with a list of potential suspects, weapons, and places. By following the clues and answering tricky questions, you’ll narrow down the list and provide the authorities with the evidence they need to catch and convict the killer.

Location: Boston Museum of Fine Arts


Have a team of brainiacs looking to bond and put their wit to good use? Go on a whirlwind tour of the Institute of Contemporary Art and solve a series of art-related puzzles created by a diabolical villain. The puzzles will test your teamwork. You might need to tease out hidden words. Or translate the rebus HIJKLMNO into a familiar term. Or solve a riddle. Or find what this means: Arrow shooter —> not fast. The variety of puzzles is designed to call upon the talents of everyone on your team—while delighting you with eye-popping art.

Location: The Institute of Contemporary Art

Boston team building activities for history lovers

Players on a Boston scavenger hunt on the Freedom Trail pose with a sculpture of a colonial soldier.


On this entertaining team-building adventures, your group will visit and discover the secrets of numerous historic locations where America was born—Faneuil Hall, the site of the Boston Massacre, Old City Hall, the Old South Meeting House (where a particularly large tea party had its beginnings), and the Old State House, to name a few of the highlights. Starring: Ben Franklin, Larry Bird, Mother Goose, Gulliver’s teakettle, and an Irishman’s “bowl of tears.”

Location: The Freedom Trail

What people are saying: “The hunt was a ton of fun! Well organized, good distance, tough but not impossible, great for team building because it requires different perspectives and ways of thinking. Overall, the team thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend to other companies for team building!” —Melissa Magerer, Head of US Marketing, iAdvize


The spirit of 1776 is alive and well on this scavenger hunt that shows you where the Founding Fathers battled the British—and one another. You’ll go inside the Old State House Museum in search of such items as actual tea from the Boston Tea Party, an original Liberty Flag, John Hancock’s coat and vest, and Paul Revere’s print depicting the Boston Massacre, to name just a few of the amazing pieces in the collection. Outside the museum, you’ll uncover the secrets of the Old North Church (where the lantern code was “One if by land…”), Faneuil Hall, the Granary Burying Ground (where Revere and other famed patriots rest), the site of the Boston Massacre, and much more.

Location: The Freedom Trail

Murder mystery team building in Boston


Find yourself in the middle of a murder mystery on this unusual, fun scavenger hunt set in historic Boston. A Watson Adventures staffer has been murdered, and it’s up to you to catch his killer. Here’s your first clue: when he died, he drew a star on the ground with his own blood. What does that mean? And what will you learn about the victim’s dangerous secret life? Solve the clues he left behind in order to solve the mystery—and prevent an international disaster.

Location: The Freedom Trail


Museum of Science staffers are turning up dead—and they were all involved in the recent discovery of a long-lost invention by Benjamin Franklin. This “infernal machine” has a murky past: Freemasons supposedly used it as part of a secret ritual. Were the deaths caused by the invention, or are they part of the fabled curse of the Freemasons? Or is a serial killer on the loose?

Your team of sleuths will work together to uncover the museum’s secrets. Ultimately, you must crack a code to solve the mystery and stop the killer before they strike again! Along the way, you’ll laugh and marvel at the unusual, unbelievable, and fascinating clues and exhibits on this amazing museum adventure.

Location: The Museum of Science, Boston

What people are saying: “I wanted to commend you guys on an awesome event yesterday. As an HR Leader, it’s always scary to decide what my group will respond to—they loved it!  In fact, someone just told me that it was the best event this company has ever had.  YAY. Thanks again for making it so easy and enjoyable.  And please let Elizabeth [the hunt host] know that she did a terrific job.”—a senior HR manager at a biotech company

8. The Back Bay Murder Mystery

The setup: a Watson Adventures staffer has met an untimely end, and we need you and your team to help police find his killer. Before he died, he used his own blood to draw a star on the pavement outside the Public Library. The challenge: figure out what that curious clue means and uncover the secrets of the victim’s double life. As you piece together the puzzle, you’ll prevent a potentially disastrous incident with far-reaching consequences across the globe.

Along the way, you’ll also explore Copley Square and its vicinity, including the private side of the Public Garden, a wealth of uncommon sights on Commonwealth Avenue, and cryptic mysteries in the Public Library. 

Location: Back Bay / Copley Square

Boston team building activities for foodies

A team on a scavenger hunt in Boston's North End stop for a snack.

9. Munch Around the North End

Dig into Boston’s oldest, tastiest neighborhood, collecting treats and answers along the way. Starring: a smorgasbord of edible and historical delights, including the site of the Great Molasses Flood of 1919, minty hot cocoa, graves of men who really “Mathered,” lobster-tail pastries, octopus tentacles, the center of the infamous Sacco and Vanzetti trial, a welterweight champion, cream puffs, and much more.

Location: North End, Boston

10. Munch Around Cambridge

See the best of Cambridge and Harvard while indulging in tasty snacks along the way. You can taste victory! On your culinary adventure, you’ll find surprising facts about John Harvard, a spot where George Washington made Revolutionary history, a bullet hole shaped like an L, the Harvard Lampoon headquarters, a blacksmith and a bookstore made famous by poetry, and more. And that doesn’t even touch upon the many delicious eateries you’ll also discover.

One element of teamwork on this hunt: deciding which Munch stops you’ll hit and which treats you’ll share. We’ll make some scrumptious suggestions, of course. You’ll also be challenged to document your culinary conquests by taking creative Team Photos.

Location: Cambridge