Scavenger Hunts in Cambridge and Harvard

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The Conquer Cambridge Scavenger Hunt

What secrets lurk in Cambridge and Harvard?

Find out on this fun team-building activity that’s packed with hidden history and unexpected humor. As your team searches for answers to amusing questions on this whirlwind tour, you’ll discover the secrets of John Harvard himself, the spot where Washington took charge of the Revolution, an L-shaped bullet hole from the same war, fowl play in Radcliffe Yard, a blacksmith made famous by a poem, the oldest poetry bookstore in the United States, a building an artist tried to eat, and much more.

Highlights include…

  • Signs of pranks past in Old Harvard Yard
  • A site linked with a Titanic tragedy
  • The Radcliffe College stomping grounds of movie stars
  • Christ Church, where George Washington prayed and Theodore Roosevelt taught
  • The whimsical home of the world’s long-running humor magazine
  • A building an artist tried to eat…and much more!

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The Hidden Harvard Scavenger Hunt

Earn a degree in campus secrets…

…on this whirlwind tour of the best of Harvard University’s historic buildings and picturesque grounds. Your team will follow a trail of clues to visit fascinating places and answer tricky, humorous questions about what you find. Along the way, you’ll discover hysterical history, pop-culture nuggets, oddball artifacts, quirky trivia, and maybe even surprising secrets about your teammates.

Highlights include…

  • A shifty law firm in Harvard Square
  • The “upside down” building by legendary architect Le Corbusier
  • Colonial calamities in Old Harvard Yard and the statue of three lies
  • A “whispering gallery”
  • Majestic Memorial Hall and its missing Civil War heroes
  • A sculpture by Henry Moore that may leave you saying, “Ooooo!”

But you don’t need to know anything about Harvard or its campus to win the game. To get a perfect score, you just need sharp eyes, good walking shoes, and great teamwork. Participants also use their own smartphones to play.

Discover for yourself why various groups from Harvard University, including the Business School and the Kennedy School, have booked hunts with us again and again.

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The Munch Around Cambridge Scavenger Hunt

Eat, think, and be merry—and win!

See the best of Cambridge and Harvard while indulging in tasty snacks along the way. You can taste victory! On your culinary adventure, you’ll find surprising facts about John Harvard, a spot where George Washington made Revolutionary history, a bullet hole shaped like an L, the Harvard Lampoon headquarters, a blacksmith and a bookstore made famous by poetry, and more. And that doesn’t even touch upon the many delicious eateries you’ll also discover.

The incredible edibles include…

  • Cardullo’s (cricket lollipops, anyone?)
  • The Hi-Rise Bread Co., featuring surprisingly delicious grilled-cheese sandwiches with mustard
  • Pinocchio’s Sicilian pizza and a wall of famous fans
  • Herrell’s ice cream, from the man who also gave us Steve’s

One element of teamwork on this hunt: deciding which Munch stops you’ll hit and which treats you’ll share. We’ll make some scrumptious suggestions, of course. You’ll also be challenged to document your culinary conquests by taking creative Team Photos.

The hunt is a feast for all of your senses and has proven popular with all kinds of groups, whether they’re looking for a corporate team-building outing, an out-of-the-ordinary birthday activity, or a great way to have fun with friends and family.

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The Cambridge Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Kids and adults explore together…

…on this game through the streets of Cambridge and the paths of Harvard’s Old Campus, as teams search for answers to some of the best questions about the coolest sights from our Conquer Cambridge Scavenger Hunt. On teams, kids and adults unite to follow a trail of clues that leads to fascinating, historic, and quirky sites and secrets. The challenges are kid-friendly, but adults will get a kick out of them, too!

Plus, you’ll be challenged to take and share creative Team Photos. You’ll meet with our Hunt Host along the way for a surprise bonus challenge.

This game provides a great group activity for school field trips, birthday parties, scout troops—you name it. If you want your favorite kids to get to know Boston better while having fun with you, you need to hit the hunt trail!

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  • indoor

The Museum of Natural Hysteria Scavenger Hunt

Set off on Boston’s most surreal hunt…

…a whirlwind tour of two museums: the Harvard Museum of Natural History and the Peabody Museum. On teams, you’ll follow intriguing clues through the exhibits in these next-door neighbors and answer tricky, humorous questions about what you find. On your quest, you’ll discover exotic stuffed animals, sparkling jewels, odd artifacts, thousands of glass flowers, meteorites, and more.

You might tackle such questions as…

  • In Meteorites, find a big rock / That gave one cow a fatal clock / These aren’t little bits of stardust / Indeed, how heavy is Harvard’s largest? Answer: Near a meteorite that struck a cow, the largest is more than 400 pounds.
  • Among Asian mammals, you could get crushed by a snake or shredded by a tiger—or even worse, get an embarrassing nickname. Which crazy quadruped is often the butt of jokes? Answer: The Kiang’s nickname is “wild ass.”
  • Insurance agents, take note! Which frequently airborne African animal comes equipped with an “anti-skid” device? Answer: The scale-tailed squirrel. The scales help it stop after a leap.

You don’t need to know anything about the museum or science to do well on this hunt—or even to win. You just need to pay attention to the details, use your wits, and work well with your group. The game is great for corporate team building, social-club meetups, and any other kind of gathering where you want people to have fun while getting to know one another better.

For younger audiences, check out the Kids Edition, suitable for ages 7 and up. It’s the perfect activity for school field trips, youth-group outings, and birthday parties.

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