The Cambridge Grab ’n’ Go
Scavenger Hunt
for Kids

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The Cambridge Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Kids and adults explore together…

…on this game through the streets of Cambridge and the paths of Harvard’s Old Campus, as teams search for answers to some of the best questions about the coolest sights from our Conquer Cambridge Scavenger Hunt. On teams, kids and adults unite to follow a trail of clues that leads to fascinating, historic, and quirky sites and secrets. The challenges are kid-friendly, but adults will get a kick out of them, too!

Plus, you’ll be challenged to take and share creative Team Photos. You’ll meet with our Hunt Host along the way for a surprise bonus challenge.

This game provides a great group activity for school field trips, birthday parties, scout troops—you name it. If you want your favorite kids to get to know Boston better while having fun with you, you need to hit the hunt trail!

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