Bay Area<br /> Team Building Activities

Bay Area
Team Building Activities

Scavenger Hunts in San Francisco & Silicon Valley

Top 5 San Francisco Bay Area Scavenger Hunts

Some team-building activities are nonstop puzzles, which some people in your group will love. Other team-building games are wall-to-wall silliness, which other people will embrace. But if you really want to entertain a diverse group, then look no further than our acclaimed games.

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Bay Area<br /> Team Building Activities

Since 1999 we’ve entertained half a million people with fast, fun, smart games that engage both your brain and your funny bone. In the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley, you’ll explore historic neighborhoods and fascinating museums while collaborating on tricky, humorous questions. 

Featured in the media: Don't just take our word for it: our scavenger hunts have received raves from online reviewers and such media outlets as USA Today, the Today Show, Travel + Leisure, Bloomberg, Businessweek, and the San Francisco Chronicle.

Can’t get to one of the featured locations above? Our Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunts can be played almost anywhere. And indoors, you can tackle the Trivia Slam or the Murder by Team Building Game. Special versions include International Editions, for groups with mixed levels of fluency in English, and Kids Editions that get youngsters and adults to collaborate on their adventures.

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