Team Building in San Francisco The Legion of Honor Museum

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The Art Attack Scavenger Hunt at the Legion of Honor Museum

Go on an extraordinary team-building adventure across several centuries of art in a palatial setting, at the Legion of Honor Museum. You’ll compete by following clues to discover the strangest, quirkiest, most remarkable masterpieces in the galleries and answering humorous questions about what you find.

Along the way, you might discover…

  • A mouse disguised as a Chinese dish
  • An unusually plucky instrument
  • A plate of bees attacking a bear
  • A stargazing maiden by Bologna (but not the lunch meat)
  • A rude awakening by a blacksmith

Plus, frogmen, a nasty parrot, and much more. But don’t worry—you don’t need to know anything about the art to play or to win. You just need to pay attention to the details and use your wits.

This is the perfect off-site activity for a group looking to have an unusual experience. Even the grumps who don’t like games will get hooked by the great art and amusing questions. Trust us: that’s been true for countless groups since our first hunt here in 2005.

We also offer a version designed for kids and adults to play together. It has earned raves from revelers on school field trips, camp outings, and birthday parties.

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The Murder at the Legion of Honor Scavenger Hunt

Who did it on this whodunit?

Fans of murder mysteries will enjoy this scavenger hunt that centers on a dead curator who left behind a trail of cryptic clues connected with secrets in works of art. As your team gathers answers about the art, you’ll piece together a shady tale that involves greed, lust, pride, revenge, and treachery—all revolving around the museum’s planned purchase of a rare painting by Leonardo da Vinci. Find out what the victim knew, and discover what drove one of four suspects to commit murder.

This is one of our most challenging hunts, but no knowledge of the museum or its art is necessary: you just need a sharp mind and comfy shoes. Contact us to learn more—and find more fun in San Francisco!

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The Wizard School Scavenger Hunt

Step into an enchanted world…

…when you search the Legion of Honor for art that echoes characters, places, and magical objects in the famed Harry Potter books and movies. Be prepared to track down—and answer tricky, humorous questions about—Dumbledore doppelgangers, bizarre creatures, slithering serpents, swinging swords, men who might remind you of Nearly Headless Nick, trophies that seem straight out of the Triwizard Tournament, and eerie figures as scary as any Death Eater or Dementor.

Wizards and muggles alike can play and enjoy this hunt. It’s not an addition to or variation on Harry’s adventures; instead, references to the books will provide a surprising bridge to many strange and wonderful works of art. It’s a great way to discover—or rediscover—the museum.

This hunt is suitable for all ages that have read and are fans of the original Harry Potter books. Kids must be accompanied by an adult.

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The Brain Squeeze: A Trivia Scavenger Hunt at the Museum

Trivia fans and scavenger-hunt fans: unite!

If you like pub quizzes, you’ll love this unique hybrid game that combines the best of trivia challenges and scavenger hunts. To play, your team will be challenged to answer a trivia question—about pop culture, movies, music, history, sports, science, or books—and then use that answer as a crucial clue to answer a question about an object on display.

Here’s a sample to tease your brain…

  • You might mistake the voice of this Simpsons character for that of Frasier Crane. Find that character’s fellow professionals. Nearby, what naughty thing does a German do that causes a blush? Answer: In a German ceramic piece, a lover looks at the leg of a woman. Kelsey Grammer voiced Sideshow Bob.

If you get stuck, you can consult your smartphone—but keep in mind that the teams that get the answers faster will answer more questions and score more points. The trivia is wide-ranging, from all sorts of categories, so everyone on your team gets a chance to be a star.

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  • adults
  • indoor

The Mystery of the Dancing Nudes Scavenger Hunt

Solve a crime, save an innocent woman!

In this group game based on a Sherlock Holmes story, you’ll need to answer tricky questions and solve this mystery: who murdered wealthy businessman Hilton Cubitt and shot his wife, Elsie?

Police believe that Elsie killed her husband and then tried to kill herself, and they plan to charge her with murder. What they don’t know is that Elsie had previously received e-mails containing images of dancing stick figures. They seemed to cause her great distress, but she insisted that they were meaningless. The crime scene included a crumpled copy of a scavenger hunt in the Legion of Honor, where Elsie works on ancient manuscripts as a cryptographer.

Your challenge: play the game, find great art, and uncover the secret of the dancing nudes. See if you can save Elsie! Unless, of course, she’s actually guilty….

  • private
  • adults
  • outdoor

The Naked at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt

You might turn a bit red…

…as you search for nudity in works of art at the Legion of Honor. On teams, you’ll follow a trail of clues and scrutinize provocative paintings, startling sculptures, and dazzling decorative objects to answer tricky, humorous questions.

Along the way, you could uncover…

  • Unclad athletes
  • A vixen-like Venus
  • A hunky Hercules
  • A lover taking liberties
  • The world’s worst nudist camp
  • An Eyeful Tower
  • A pooped “Rockette”
  • And a cutie who will make you think of cold cuts

No previous experience with art, or nudity, is required.

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