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Since 1999 we’ve been innovators in real-world scavenger hunts. Now we’re also connecting people around the world who work from home in new virtual team-building activities and games you can play online, led by our hosts.

What Happens on a Watson Adventures Scavenger Hunt?

In groups, try our virtual team-building activities and games that connect home offices. Result: morale boosting, bonding with friends and colleagues—and fun! And where real-world games are an option again, you can explore a great park, neighborhood or museum while tackling humorous questions or other unusual challenges.

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Care to solve a mystery? Or trek across your favorite city or around the world? Or tackle tricky trivia? Find virtual games for corporate team building, social gatherings, birthday parties, school activities—you name it! Book for a group anytime or join public games on weekends.

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Upcoming Public Scavenger hunts

Join online virtual scavenger hunts to explore museums and landmarks, answer tricky questions, and connect with friends via Zoom. Also available: games for small groups.

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An NBC reporter checks out at-home hunts

Find more fun at home with an entertaining, morale-boosting, fun-igniting virtual game that gets teams interacting in new and surprising ways. Search online museums, answer quirky questions, tackle tricky trivia, or even solve a murder mystery. Learn more

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