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The Dancing Nudes
Murder Mystery
Scavenger Hunt

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The Dancing Nudes Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Based on a Sherlock Holmes story

It’s your job to solve a mind-boggling mystery on this scavenger hunt with a deadly twist. Wealthy businessman Hilton Cubitt has been found shot dead in his elegant home. Next to his body lay his wife, Elsie, unconscious and seriously wounded. Police plan to charge Elsie with murder and currently see her shooting as a failed suicide attempt. A week earlier, Hilton sought the help of the Watson Adventures code-breaking experts. Elsie had received e-mails containing images of dancing stick figures. They seemed to cause her great distress, but she insisted that they were meaningless.

The crime scene included a crumpled copy of a scavenger hunt involving nudes at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where Elsie works on ancient manuscripts as a cryptographer. We believe that the scavenger hunt is somehow linked with the dancing-figure e-mails—and we think these messages can prove that Elsie is innocent.

Who murdered Hilton Cubitt? What is the secret of the dancing nude figures? We need your help! See if your team of sleuths can figure out who dunnit by following a trail of clues through works of art at the museum and answering devilishly tricky questions about them. A woman’s life hangs in the balance—and you may be her only hope.

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