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The Met Madness
Scavenger Hunt

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The Met Madness Scavenger Hunt

See the best of the Met on our funniest tour!

Embark on this hilarious hunt with your team for a truly unique bonding experience. It covers almost the entire museum, so you’ll get to travel from ancient Rome to modern America, hitting Europe, China, India, South America, and more along the way. But no knowledge of art is required—in fact, it might be a hindrance!

On this art museum scavenger hunt, your team might…

  • Go to the dogs in a panoramic view of the Gardens of Versailles
  • Discover why Cupid could use some Pampers
  • Decipher graffiti on an ancient Egyptian temple
  • Spot Mick Jagger in a medieval stained-glass window
  • Find out what’s on the back of Van Gogh’s mind
  • Learn why Freud’s pudgy poser has Venus envy

And those are just a few of the highlights as you search for some of the museum’s most startling and surprisingly humorous works, often in galleries you never knew existed.

This hunt is the perfect way to bring people together and make memories as you bond over our entertaining challenges. It’s a great corporate team-building activity, birthday-party idea, social-group outing—you name it!

Hunts for private groups: more team-building punch  

If you want your group to interact more, try the Mixed Alliances Edition, in which each team must meet and collaborate with three other teams as the game unfolds. Each individual will interact with at least 11 other game participants. What will you do when your opponent must become your ally?

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