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The Met Madness
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The Met Madness Scavenger Hunt: Trivia Edition

The love child of a pub quiz and a scavenger hunt

You’ll need to show off your knowledge to prevail at this unusual game at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Each question challenges your team to answer a trivia question, and that answer becomes a crucial clue to answering a question about an object on display. The trivia comes from movies, music, history, sports, science, books—you name it.

If you love a good pub quiz, you’ll love this hunt!

Knowing one of Lady Gaga’s hit songs could help you find out what’s going on in a painting of a sneaky card game. Remembering how many stars make up a famous dipper can help you track down a goddess getting a constellation prize. And can your team figure out what previous profession was shared by Stephen King, Sting, John Adams, Lyndon Johnson, and J.K. Rowling? That answer can help you spot French figures revealing a shocking schoolmaster tactic. 

Don’t know those trivia tidbits? That probably won’t stop you: If your team gets stuck, you can consult a smartphone—but keep in mind that the teams that get the answers faster will answer more questions and score more points.

This might be our most challenging hunt yet, so you’ll probably want to pack your team with up to six brainiacs.

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