Los Angeles<br /> Virtual Tours & Scavenger Hunts

Los Angeles
Virtual Tours & Scavenger Hunts

Virtual Team-Building Fun for Groups

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Rediscover the city you’ve been missing on a fun, funny virtual tour of L.A. Grab friends or colleagues, get into teams, and join our host on Zoom on a quest through virtual museums and famous places in search of answers to tricky, humorous questions.

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Los Angeles<br /> Virtual Tours & Scavenger Hunts

The hunts are tests of teamwork, not trivia. And it helps to have a sense of humor. Book a private hunt for your group, or bring a team to our weekend virtual games for the general public. See all of our Virtual Team-Building Games.

Our Los Angeles virtual tours are based on our acclaimed real-world scavenger hunts in such places as the Getty Center, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and downtown L.A. You can also search for snacks in Chinatown and along Olvera Street! Solve murder mysteries at the Natural History Museum and at LACMA! Cavort in Culver City! Explore downtown Pasadena, or say hi to Blue Boy at the Huntington Library. For parents and teachers, we also have versions you can enjoy with kids.

Anywhere you want to go, we got game: the Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunts can be played anywhere, and indoor team-building options include the Trivia Slam and the Murder by Team Building Game.

Find out How It Works, check out our Virtual Team-Building Games, or contact us—and find more fun in Los Angeles, whether at home, in a museum, or out in the sun!

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