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The Secrets of the Huntington Library Scavenger Hunt

Put the hunt in The Huntington

Don’t call it a library. Call it an eye-popping mansion filled with wonders! Call it a treasure house of amazing art! Call it a botanical garden of spectacular specimens—or a conservatory of exotic micro-climates, with a rain forest and a cloud forest!

Railroad magnate Henry E. Huntington spared no expense in creating his personal Eden, and we’ve created a hunt that reveals all of the quirks and secrets of his former mansion and grounds. On this team-building tour of the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens, you’ll tackle tricky, amusing questions to discover the most amazing items in the collection, from art masterpieces (hello, Blue Boy and Pinkie!) to nature’s marvels (no thanks, orchid that mimics a fly’s hairy abdomen!).

You don’t need to be an art historian or a botanist to do well on this hunt. Just keep your eyes peeled, work with your team, and make sure to wear some comfy shoes.

The Huntington is a great location for any kind of group outing, from corporate team-building events to birthday parties and other celebrations. You’ll be amazed and delighted at the results when your group collaborates and pulls together. A special Murder at the Huntington Edition is also available.

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The Pasadena Pursuit Scavenger Hunt

Discover the key to the “Crown City”

On this team-building jaunt through Old Pasadena’s beautiful and historic Mediterranean-style downtown, you’ll visit City Hall, the Paseo Colorado outdoor mall, Castle Green, and other notable locales while searching for answers to tricky and humorous questions.

If you’re hosting an event at the Pasadena Convention Center or looking to entertain any group visiting the area, this scavenger hunt is a great way to explore the surrounding history-packed town, get people connected, and have a blast.

Your team could tackle such questions as…

  • Where might a past pioneer go to make a deal with the little old lady from Pasadena?
  • What was the earliest year that one of the city’s finest, in Shakespeare’s words, came to a (bad) end by (bad) aim?
  • If you lined up at the Civic Center for tickets, why might you get a cold reception?

Don’t worry if those questions seem perplexing: we’ve left out the clues that will guide you to the places where the answers can be found—with a bit of teamwork, of course.

What happy hunters are saying

“Thank you for such a great scavenger hunt. The team loved it. It was very unique and fun. Everyone had a blast, and we have some awesome pictures to remember it by!” –Jeffrey Ku, Director of Product, Automatic Data Processing

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