Virtual Scavenger Hunts<br /> & Trivia Games

Virtual Scavenger Hunts
& Trivia Games

Perfect for remote teams, virtual parties & more

Top 5 Scavenger Hunts & Trivia Games

Stuck at home but tiring of Zoom? Colleagues scattered hither and yon? Give your next meeting or gathering with friends a jolt of caffeine with a fast, fun, smart virtual game!

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Virtual Scavenger Hunts<br /> & Trivia Games

We’ve been providing acclaimed team-building activities since 1999, from humor-filled scavenger hunts for a bit of wild wandering, to rib-tickling and brain-bending trivia and puzzle games that are like an amazing race while sitting in place.

Our wide array of Virtual Scavenger Hunts and Trivia Games gives you options for any occasion—corporate team-building, weekend fun with friends, school virtual field trips, you name it. On teams, you might answer fun trivia questions, or explore great museum websites in search of hidden wonders, or solve a murder mystery, or go on a photo scavenger hunt in your own home. Games can include customized challenges to celebrate birthdays, graduation, bridal showers, or any special occasion.

Bring together colleagues or groups online for morale-boosting games that engage your brain and your funny bone. Your team can prove your trivia mastery; solve puzzles to crack a murder mystery; search museums for answers to fun questions; or just get to know one another better with these virtual team bonding activities.

Virtual games for private groups can be arranged anytime, anywhere—you just need Zoom (or another teleconferencing platform) and the Watson Adventures app, which plays in any browser.

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