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Escape to New York: Virtual NYC Tour Game

Take a virtual tour of New York City

Love to tour New York but can’t get out to see all the sights? Sit down in front of a computer and strap in for an online game that shows you the best of the city from the comfort of your home. On teams, you’ll gather with our Host on Zoom (or a similar platform) and use our browser-based app to answer unusual trivia questions that lead you to discover great websites of landmarks and museums and answer tricky questions about what you discover. You’ll see quirky art, find surprising objects, peer inside majestic rooms, and virtually wander through sites that reveal New York’s many treasures.

Stops on the journey include…

  • Greenwich Village
  • Central Park
  • Grand Central Terminal
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art
  • Museum of Modern Art
  • American Museum of Natural History

…plus an array of lesser-known but amazing places. All you need to win is good teamwork and a sense of humor.

This virtual NYC tour is a great team-building activity for groups of all sizes. You can use the game to introduce newcomers to the wonders of the city, or remind longtime New Yorkers of how great the city is and how much of it remains to be discovered.

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The Wizard School Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Grab your wizarding wands

…for an adventure that takes you to museums across America in search of art that echoes characters, places, and magical objects in the famed Harry Potter books and movies. No, you won’t need the Weasleys’ flying car: You’ll sit at your home computer, join your teammates via Zoom, and use the Watson Adventures online app to get clues, pop onto museum websites, and search for answers to fun, tricky questions on this virtual scavenger hunt. 

Be prepared to track down bizarre creatures, slithering serpents, swinging swords, men who might remind you of Voldemort and Nearly Headless Nick, trophies that seem straight out of the Triwizard Tournament, and eerie figures as scary as any Death Eater or Dementor. Along the way, you’ll virtually visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Chicago, the National Gallery of Art, and more!

Wizards and muggles alike can play and enjoy this hunt. It’s not an addition to or variation on Harry’s adventures; instead, references to the books will provide a surprising bridge to many strange and wonderful works of art. 

This hunt is suitable for ages 10 and up. Kids and adults will enjoy playing the game together. The game can be booked for private groups just about any time, and its also available to the general public on select weekends. A click of a button below will begin your adventure…

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Around the World Scavenger Hunt

A Virtual Global Adventure from Home!

Feeling a bit cooped up? Need to take your mind for a stroll? Here’s a team-building game that will take you around the world in 60 minutes! Just get your group on Zoom to meet with our Host and we’ll send you off to explore the world’s best museums and historic locations—all via amazing websites. Your challenge: follow our clues, find amazing objects, and answer tricky questions about them.

Stops along the way include…

  • The ancient streets of Pompeii, Italy
  • The long-buried Terracotta Army in China
  • A beautiful pagoda in Kyoto, Japan
  • A creepy “mermaid” in London
  • An artist’s haunting studio in Mexico

And that’s just a taste of this traveler’s buffet. It’s the perfect game for any company looking for a team-building activity that brings together far-flung colleagues with a mix of backgrounds and interests. The game is in English, but written with players in mind whose first language is not English.

Our app, which works in any browser, will deliver the clues, the links to eye-popping websites, and the tricky questions; you just need to enter the answers. No previous knowledge is required: you just need nimble fingers, sharp wits, and great teamwork. Magic carpet sold separately.