A Virtual Game of Real Ghost Stories

Virtually Haunted:
The Online Halloween
Scavenger Hunt

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New! Virtually Haunted: The Online Halloween Scavenger Hunt

Caution: There’ll be ghosts in your machine

…when you use your computer to join us for a poltergeist-plagued online Halloween scavenger hunt. On teams, you’ll go for a virtual walk to and within haunted places and learn the stories of their ghosts. You’ll meet our host on Zoom, then your team will go into a breakout room and use our browser-based app to follow a trail of clues across surprising websites, in search of answers to tricky questions. We’ve taken our decades of real-world “haunted scavenger hunts” and translated them into an online quest—with new ghost-plagued places and blood-chilling tales.

Along the way, your team will…

  • Visit Philadelphia’s creepy Eastern Penitentiary and its bygone (or are they?) prisoners
  • Discover the New York City home of Mark Twain, who might still linger there
  • Check into the Hollywood Hotel where Marilyn Monroe and other celeb ghosts haven’t checked out
  • Learn the chilling fate of Giles Corey at the Salem Witch Trial Memorial
  • Sneak into the White House in search of the presidents whose ghosts have been spotted there

And those are just a few of the escapades and tales your team will enjoy on this online Halloween scavenger hunt.

Also available: The Halloween Trivia Slam Game, like a virtual pub quiz…of the damned!

All you need is a good internet connections, reliable teammates, and a bit of courage. Click below to get into the game… before it’s too late.

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