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Escape to the Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Visit museums across the country—virtually!

Discover odd and unusual art and artifacts on this unique, puzzle-filled, museum of art virtual tour. Answers to tricky trivia questions lead you on a quest to explore online museums all over the country. You’ll pick your way through galleries, search for amazing masterpieces, and earn points for uncovering humorous details, all without leaving your comfy chair.

No knowledge of art or the museum is required. You just need sharp eyes and great teamwork on this adventure. Thanks to video conferencing technology and our custom game app, people at home can play along with a Watson Adventures host, work with teammates, and have fun together. This game sends you searching for the strangest and funniest details in art hidden on museum websites.

The game is available for the general public on select weekends, and for private groups any time!

Special editions for private groups

Want your colleagues to mix more during the game? The Mixed Alliances edition rearranges the teams at “halftime” to increase the number of people players interact with during the game. The International Edition is great for groups seeking online ESL games. Or if you’re an educator looking for online classroom games, consider the Kids Edition.

Want to see more of a particular city’s best museums and landmarks? Escape games for New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Texas, and Washington, D.C., are also available. If your group includes people from a variety of countries, whose first language might not be English, check out the Around the World Scavenger Hunt. Contact us to learn more—and find more fun working at home!

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