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The Yale Bulldog Blitz Scavenger Hunt

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The Yale Bulldog Blitz Scavenger Hunt

Discover the secrets of the Yale campus…

…on a fun and funny tour that’s a great social, bonding activity for companies, students, faculty, alumni, locals, out-of-towners, and any other group. But this isn’t any old tour. You’ll follow quirky clues, collaborate to tackle tricky questions, and discover fascinating facts you never expected.

As you wander among dramatic Gothic towers, you might search for…

  • Strange and humorous gargoyles
  • Tricky traditions connected with stern statues
  • Beautiful buildings, from majestic Gothic to striking modern
  • The school’s bulldog mascot in surprising places
  • The footpaths of famous students

And you’ll find much more that’s fascinating, scenic, historical, and hysterical. But you don’t need to know anything about Yale to win: you just need to score high marks in teamwork.

Want to send kids to Yale? A version of this hunt for ages 7 and up is also available. Kids and adults work together to explore the campus on a fun team game that’s perfect for school field trips and camp outings.

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