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The Yale Art Attack
Scavenger Hunt

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The Yale Art Attack Scavenger Hunt

Go on an adventure across continents and centuries…

…on a wild romp through the Yale University Art Gallery, a museum that’s a large, diverse, surprising treasure chest. On teams, you’ll tease out clues to answer tricky, humorous questions and find strange details lurking in works of art.

No previous knowledge of art or the museum is required: you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

The galleries are like Connecticut’s own mini Met Museum, featuring everything from centuries-old art to contemporary pieces that seem like they were made yesterday. You’ll discover masterpieces from the Renaissance, Dutch masters, Impressionists, Revolutionary Americans, modernists, African craftsmen, Asian artisans, and much more.

You might search for answers to such questions as…

  • In the Africa gallery, find a man who looks like he really annoyed a cranky carpenter. What do you see when you contemplate his navel? Answer: You see yourself or a mirror when you look at the belly of the nkondi, with nails and other sharp items stuck into all parts of his body.
  • Find something that could illustrate the nursery line, “The dish ran away with the spoon.” What Liberian name might make you think you made this? Answer: A carved spoon with legs was possibly made by the Wépeople.
  • Like Yankee Doodle, what ingredient did an artist use to help feathery trees stand tall? Answer: A work by Picabia includes macaroni as an ingredient.

This game is guaranteed to get groups working together, having fun, and bonding.

A Kids Edition for kids ages 7 and up is also available, perfect for exposing young minds on a school field trip to the wide range of art across countries and cultures. The emphasis is on fun, curiosity, and cooperation.

Are you looking for something a bit more…diabolical? On the Murder at the Yale Art Museum Scavenger Hunt the secrets in works of art reveal clues about the unfortunate demise of the person who created the scavenger hunt. If you can find a hidden message and crack a code, you just might find out whodunit—and save the world.

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