Scavenger Hunts in New Haven / Yale University

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The Yale Bulldog Blitz Scavenger Hunt

Discover the secrets of the Yale campus…

…on a fun and funny tour that’s a great social, bonding activity for companies, students, faculty, alumni, locals, out-of-towners, and any other group. But this isn’t any old tour. You’ll follow quirky clues, collaborate to tackle tricky questions, and discover fascinating facts you never expected.

As you wander among dramatic Gothic towers, you might search for…

  • Strange and humorous gargoyles
  • Tricky traditions connected with stern statues
  • Beautiful buildings, from majestic Gothic to striking modern
  • The school’s bulldog mascot in surprising places
  • The footpaths of famous students

And you’ll find much more that’s fascinating, scenic, historical, and hysterical. But you don’t need to know anything about Yale to win: you just need to score high marks in teamwork.

Want to send kids to Yale? A version of this hunt for ages 7 and up is also available. Kids and adults work together to explore the campus on a fun team game that’s perfect for school field trips and camp outings.

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The Yale Museum of Natural Hysteria Scavenger Hunt

Currently closed for renovation

Please join us for a hunt at the renewed museum in 2024!

From dinosaurs to dodos, fossils to pharaohs…

…you’ll see the best of Yale’s Peabody Museum of Natural History while playing this most unusual game. This New Haven museum is a dinosaur haven, but it’s also filled with an array of scientific curiosities. You don’t need to be a scientist to play or to win—you just need great teamwork to answer the hunt’s tricky, humorous questions about strange specimens, objects from outer space, intriguing insects, eerie mummies, and more.

You might track down answers to such questions as…

  • In the Egypt gallery, crack the case of the dummy mummies. As a result of this swindle, what was the “exchange rate” of gods and pots? Answer: 1 to 1, or “One god, one pot,” according to a decree after six men sold false animal mummies for tombs.
  • Walk among dinosaurs. From which apparently tasty place did a president get his unusual White House decor? Answer: Jefferson filled one room in the White House with mastodon bones from Big Bone Lick, Kentucky.

Keep in mind that we’ve left out some of the clues that will help you zero in on the correct answers. No prior knowledge of the museum or its flora and fauna is necessary.

A version in which kids and adults work together is also available, suitable for ages 7 and up.

What happy clients are saying

“We had a wonderful time! The hunt was challenging and kept everyone involved and together. It certainly speaks to the competitiveness of our group! I’ve had nothing but positive feedback from all our participants. It has ranked as one of the best retreats we’ve ever had.” –Allie Squeglia, Manager of Operations, Yale School of Public Health

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The Yale Art Attack Scavenger Hunt

Go on an adventure across continents and centuries…

…on a wild romp through the Yale University Art Gallery, a museum that’s a large, diverse, surprising treasure chest. On teams, you’ll tease out clues to answer tricky, humorous questions and find strange details lurking in works of art.

The galleries are like Connecticut’s own mini Met Museum, featuring everything from centuries-old art to contemporary pieces that seem like they were made yesterday. You’ll discover masterpieces from the Renaissance, Dutch masters, Impressionists, Revolutionary Americans, modernists, African craftsmen, Asian artisans, and much more.

You might search for answers to such questions as…

  • In the Africa gallery, find a man who looks like he really annoyed a cranky carpenter. What do you see when you contemplate his navel? Answer: You see yourself or a mirror when you look at the belly of the nkondi, with nails and other sharp items stuck into all parts of his body.
  • Find something that could illustrate the nursery line, “The dish ran away with the spoon.” What Liberian name might make you think you made this? Answer: A carved spoon with legs was possibly made by the Wépeople.
  • Like Yankee Doodle, what ingredient did an artist use to help feathery trees stand tall? Answer: A piece by Picabia includes macaroni as an ingredient.

But no knowledge of art is required: you just need sharp eyes, comfy shoes, and great teamwork. The point of this game is to get groups working together, bonding, and having fun.

A version for kids ages 7 and up is also available, perfect for exposing young minds on a school field trip to the wide range of art across countries and cultures. The emphasis is on fun, curiosity, and cooperation.

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