Virtual Graduation Party | The Graduation Celebration Game

Virtual Graduation Party

The Virtual Graduation Celebration Game

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The Virtual Graduation Celebration Game

Have Fun with Your Favorite Graduate

Graduations are rare occasions, so you don’t want to let one slip by just because your family and friends can’t all be together in one place. Why not start your virtual graduation party off with a fun group trivia game? In this special edition of our Trivia Slam Game, you’ll get on teams and answer fun, tricky questions about graduations, celebrations, and your very own graduate. You’ll play in teams, and the teams will take turns having the graduate on their team, so everyone gets to have some quality game time with the guest of honor.

Highlights of the game include

  • Fun trivia questions involving graduations, graduates, school, and more
  • A Mystery Message—featuring the graduate—which can be decoded only by solving a series of puzzles
  • A Photo Challenges round in which teams take and share photos

The Deluxe Edition includes a round of trivia about the graduate: We’ll send you questions beforehand and incorporate the answers into the game.

We’ll use Zoom to bring you all together, plus our own app to deliver the questions and collect the answers and keep score. Our Host will keep the game moving and everyone laughing and sharing. Ready to have fun?

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