Virtual Team Building for an At-Home or Remote Workforce

Connect from Your Home Office Virtual Team Building

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The Trivia Slam Game

Tackle trivia on a team while working from home

This is the trivia game for people who don’t like trivia games—and for those who love trivia games. In multiple rounds, teams will tackle a variety of challenges that emphasize teamwork. Even if you think you don’t know the answer at first, a little brainstorming often produces the correct answer—or a darn good guess! It’s even more fun when your guesses pay off.

But this game involves more than just trivia questions! Our host and emcee will also guide you through visual puzzles and a scavenger-hunt round. Along the way, you’ll discover some of your colleagues’ hidden talents and unusual expertise. Best of all, you’ll laugh as much as you ever have in your own conference or break room.

Thanks to video conferencing technology and our custom game app, people working at home can play along with the Emcee, communicate with teammates, and have fun together. The experience is a great morale booster for groups of all kinds.

You can book this game just about anytime for your group. On select weekends the game is available to the general public.

A Kids Edition, in which kids and adults work together, is also available. Families can play against each other and break up the monotony of being stuck indoors.

Contact us to learn more and get in the game!

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The Murder by Team Building Game

A murder-mystery game for virtual team building

Terrible news! Watson Adventures game host David Park was on his way to your office to lead a team-building activity today, but a killer had other plans for your group. David was found dead in the parking lot. We need your help to expose the killer and catch him before he strikes again.

We have reason to believe that David led a secret life. He created today’s game, and we suspect that there are clues in it that could help unravel the mystery of his death. We need you to play David’s game to see if you can uncover any clues to what he was up to and why he disappeared. 

On teams, you’ll tackle trivia questions, solve fun puzzles, and—spoiler alert!—uncover evidence of spies, intrigue, and assorted skulduggery. Can your team crack a code that can stop an international incident with cataclysmic consequences? 

A Watson Adventures host will lead the game via video conferencing—setting the scene, offering guidance, announcing how the teams are doing, and supplying hints if you get stuck. 

The game requires one hour, and anyone with access to a computer can participate. It’s a great way to unite offices, stay connected with people working from home, and boost morale. You’ll having fun while collaborating in a fun, new way.

A Teens Edition is also available. Contact us to learn more—and get in the game to save the world!

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Escape to the Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt

The museums might be closed…

But you can still explore them on this unique, puzzle-filled adventure. As you solve tricky brain teasers, puzzles, and riddles, their answers will lead you to fun questions about artworks and artifacts in museums all over the country. You’ll see amazing art and earn points for finding fun facts, all without leaving your home or office.

No knowledge of art or the museum is required. You just need sharp eyes and great teamwork. Thanks to video conferencing technology and our custom game app, people at home can play along with a Watson Adventures host, work with teammates, and have fun together. This game sends you searching for the strangest and funniest details in art hidden on museum websites, so you’ll want a smartphone or computer and a good Internet connection.