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Scavenger Hunt:
Europe Edition

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Around the World Scavenger Hunt: Virtual European Tour

From Norway to Greece, Ireland to Russia…

Suss out Europe’s secrets and hunt for hidden wonders on a virtual team-building scavenger hunt that shows off the best of Europe. On teams, you’ll follow clues to explore amazing interactive websites and virtual European tours in search of answers to tricky questions about landmarks, artwork, natural wonders, famous historical events and figures, and much more.

You’ll meet with our Host in Zoom (or your favorite platform) and use our browser-based app as your guide. No previous knowledge is required: you just need sharp eyes and great teamwork.

Highlights include…

  • The Sistine Chapel and Pompeii in Italy
  • A haunted ancient castle in Scotland
  • Salvador Dali’s surreal museum in Spain
  • Startling paintings by Van Gogh in the Netherlands
  • A ramble around inside the ring of stones at Stonehenge in England

And those are just six of the 20 stops on this whirlwind virtual tour of Europe. Non-Europeans will have fun making new discoveries; Europeans will be newly amazed at the treasures in their own backyard that they might have missed and details they overlooked. Plus it’s a fun way to get together with friends and collaborate on an adventure.

An International Edition is available for people for whom English is a second language (ESL). The Kids Edition, for ages 10 and up, makes a great school activity.

Go pack your virtual bags, we’ll wait for you…

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