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Around the World Scavenger Hunt

A Virtual Global Adventure from Home!

Feeling a bit cooped up? Need to take your mind for a stroll? Here’s a team-building game that will take you around the world in 60 minutes! Just get your group on Zoom to meet with our Host and we’ll send you off to explore the world’s best museums and historic locations—all via amazing websites. Your challenge: follow our clues, find amazing objects, and answer tricky questions about them.

Stops along the way include…

  • A 360-degree view of the ancient streets of Pompeii, Italy
  • A dash through caves in France in search of prehistoric paintings
  • A centuries-old pagoda in Kyoto, Japan
  • A creepy “mermaid” in London
  • A you-are-there walk-through of an artist’s haunting studio in Mexico

And that’s just a taste of this traveler’s buffet. It’s the perfect game for any company looking for a team-building activity that brings together far-flung colleagues with a mix of backgrounds and interests. The game is in English, but written with players in mind whose first language is not English. Also, the special Mix and Mingle Edition divides the game into two rounds and recombines the teams, so each player gets to interact with more people.

Our app, which works in any browser, will deliver the clues, the links to eye-popping websites, and the tricky questions; you just need to enter the answers. No previous knowledge is required: you just need nimble fingers, sharp wits, and great teamwork. Magic carpet sold separately.

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The Trivia Slam Game

Tackle trivia on a team while working from home

This is the team building trivia game for people who don’t like trivia games—and for those who love trivia games. In multiple rounds, teams will tackle a variety of challenges that emphasize teamwork. Even if you think you don’t know the answer at first, a little brainstorming often produces the correct answer—or a darn good guess! It’s even more fun when your guesses pay off.

But this game involves more than just trivia questions! Our host/emcee will also guide you through visual puzzles and a scavenger-hunt round. Along the way, you’ll discover some of your colleagues’ hidden talents and unusual expertise. Best of all, you’ll laugh as much as you ever have in your own home or socially distanced office.

The game is available in “in person” and virtual editions. In the virtual version, Zoom and the Watson Adventures  app (which runs in any browser) bring together people working at home to that they can play on teams, interact with our host, and have a blast. This game of online trivia for groups of all kinds is a great morale booster!

Customized Trivia Games for Private Groups

  • The Customized Trivia Slam Game, with questions tailored to your company, group, or special occasion
  • The Trivia Slam International Edition, featuring trivia that spans the globe, written so the game can be enjoyed by people whose first language is not English
  • Guest of Honor Editions: The Virtual Birthday Party Game, The Virtual Graduation Game, and The Virtual Bridal Shower Game
  • Trivia Slam Second Edition, for groups who’ve done the original edition and can’t get enough
  • Indoor, IRL, In Person Trivia Games are available in select locations

Companies that have enjoyed the Trivia Slam include Amazon, Societé Generale, Novo Nordisk, and Nestlé, to name just a few. Contact us to learn more and get in on the online trivia for groups game!

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The Murder by Team Building Game: Virtual Edition

A virtual murder-mystery game for team building

Terrible news! Watson Adventures game host David Park was on his way to your office to lead a team-building activity today, but a killer had other plans for your group. David was found dead in the parking lot. We need your help to expose the killer and catch him before he strikes again.

We have reason to believe that David led a secret life. He created today’s virtual murder mystery game, and we suspect that there are clues in it that could help unravel the quandary of his death. We need you to play David’s game to see if you can uncover any clues to what he was up to and why he disappeared. 

On teams, you’ll tackle trivia questions, solve fun puzzles, and—spoiler alert!—uncover evidence of spies, intrigue, and assorted skulduggery. Can your team crack a code that can stop an international incident with cataclysmic consequences? 

A Watson Adventures host will lead the game via Zoom or other video conferencing—setting the scene, offering guidance, announcing how the teams are doing, and supplying hints if you get stuck. 

An In-Person Edition is also available when you want to bring together coworkers in an office or other common space, with a game host who can be in person or remote.

The game requires one hour, and anyone with access to a computer can participate. It’s a great way to unite offices, stay connected with people working from home, and boost morale. You’ll having fun while collaborating in a fun, new way.

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Puzzled to Death: A Virtual Game of Murder Mystery Puzzles

You can escape a room, but can you escape a vintage game store?

As part of his acclaimed new book, The Puzzler, best-selling author A.J. Jacobs (The Year of Living Biblically, Thanks a Thousand) partnered with Watson Adventures to create a devilishly fun murder mystery game packed with puzzles. In his book he describes the experience of creating the game—now it’s your turn to play the game! But first…

Shocking news! The owner of a local board-game store has been murdered! Authorities are baffled by the mysterious killing, and they have called in you and your team of expert puzzle-solvers to crack the case.

The killer has hidden clues to their identity in games scattered around the store. It’s up to you to solve a series of puzzles and piece together the name of the murderer. Clearly the murderer loves to play games—but in a gaming store, that doesn’t narrow things down much!

On teams, you’ll tackle up to 10 mini-games that are inspired by classic games—but with humorous twists. Each challenge you solve will lead you a step closer to unmasking the murderer. Can your team unravel this mystery, catch the culprit, and show the villain that they toyed with the wrong people?

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  • indoor

The Murder at the Art Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt


There’s a killer on the loose, and it’s up to your team to stop him! The madman—or madwoman—bumped off a famous art critic, then taunted the police to expose him/her by completing a virtual murder mystery scavenger hunt through America’s great museums. Your task: to play the game, follow the clues, find the art, answer amusing questions about what you find online, and suss out the name of the killer, the scene of the crime, and weapon used. Think you’re up to the challenge?

Using video conferencing, you’ll join our Host in launching the game in our app, which works in any browser. Working on teams, you’ll follow links to art on museum websites, tackle tricky questions for points, and consult photo clues to narrow the list of possible suspects, weapons and crime scenes. No previous knowledge of art is required. But you’ll be amazed at the art you discover—and with any luck, you’ll catch the culprit.

Games for the general public are available on weekends. Games for private groups are available anytime, including an International Edition, for people whose first language is not English, as well as a Kids Edition for kids and adults to play together, ages 10 and up.

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Around the World Scavenger Hunt: Sunshine Escapes

Got a Bad Case of Cabin Fever?

Embark on a virtual around the world scavenger hunt to sun-drenched beaches and tropical climes. On teams, you’ll follow clues to explore interactive websites and virtual tours in search of answers to tricky questions about landmarks, natural wonders, historic events, stunning artwork, and much more.

You’ll meet with our Host in Zoom (or your favorite platform) and use our browser-based app as your guide. No previous knowledge is required: you just need sharp eyes and great teamwork. Digital suntan lotion not included.

Chase the virtual sunshine on a global scavenger hunt

  • Go for a ride with the top down on Route 66
  • Scramble over rocks at ancient ruins in Asia and Latin America
  • Get up close to red-hot lava at a volcano in Hawaii
  • Stroll the sun-baked shores around the Mediterranean
  • Make like Skywalker in a desert setting featured in Star Wars

And those are just a few of the 18 stops on this sunny, funny virtual tour. This around the world scavenger hunt is a great way to get together with friends and collaborate on a sight-seeing adventure.

The special Mix and Mingle Edition of the game divides the game into two rounds and recombines the teams, so each player gets to interact with more people. Also, an International Edition is available for people for whom English is a second language (ESL). The Kids Edition, for ages 10 and up, makes a great school activity.

Contact us to learn more—and escape into sunnier places this winter!

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The Mix and Mingle Virtual Games

Interact with colleagues in an online adventure

Double the number of players you interact with during one of our virtual scavenger hunts by choosing this special edition. On most of our virtual games, teams of six work together in breakout rooms, using our app to follow a trail of clues across the internet, in search of fascinating places, unusual objects, and answers to tricky questions. After an hour, all teams return to the main room in Zoom (or your favorite platform) to hear the scores and cheer the winning team (even if grudgingly).

On Mix and Mingle Games, there are two rounds, and after Round 1 the players are randomly rearranged to form new teams for Round 2. Every player gets to interact directly with up to 10 people during the game!

Available for these virtual scavenger hunts

Is your interest piqued? Your competitive adrenaline percolating? Your itch for more fun needs to be scratched? Contact us to learn more!

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Celebrate Diversity: A Virtual Team-Building Scavenger Hunt

16 questions, many diverse perspectives

In these team-building diversity games, you’ll search amazing websites from around the world that highlight the remarkable contributions and creations of people of many creeds, colors, native countries, and other perspectives. You’ll meet our Host on Zoom (or your favorite platform) and, on teams, head into breakout rooms and access clues via our browser-based app. You’ll visit a wide range of museum websites in search of answers to tricky, fun questions.

Highlights include…

  • The new monument in New York City’s Central Park that honors Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Sojourner Truth
  • The daring art of Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo
  • A virtual tour of a house that was the last stop on the Underground Railroad for Frederick Douglass
  • A look at the immigrant families who lived in the apartments that are now the Tenement Museum
  • The queer and questioning pop art of Andy Warhol
  • The Hollywood stereotype–defying movies of Anna May Wong
And those are just five of the 16 heroes you’ll meet, reflecting the powerful perspectives of women, the LGBTQIA+ community, people of color, those who are differently abled, and the vibrant fabric of different faiths.
So that you can better experience the diversity of your colleagues, this game is offered in our Mix and Mingle format, featuring two rounds with different combinations of teammates. Contact us to learn more about our equity, inclusion, and diversity games!

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Escape to the Museum Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Visit museums across the country—virtually!

Discover odd and unusual art and artifacts on this unique museum virtual tour. Tricky, fun trivia questions provide clues that lead you on a quest to explore 16 online museums of all kinds, all over America. You’ll pick your way through virtual galleries and historic locations, in search of amazing masterpieces, startling artifacts, dinosaurs, famous people, and more, earning points for uncovering humorous details, all without leaving your comfy chair.

No previous knowledge is required. You just need sharp eyes and great teamwork on this adventure. Thanks to video conferencing technology and our custom game app, people at home can play along with a Watson Adventures host, work with teammates, and have fun together. This game sends you searching for the strangest and funniest details in art hidden on museum websites.

Special editions for private groups

  • Want your colleagues to mix more during the game? The Mix & Mingle edition rearranges the teams at “halftime” to increase the number of people players interact with during the game.
  • The International Edition is great for groups seeking online ESL games.
  • If your group is up for a challenge, try the Brain Squeeze Edition, which adds devilish trivia questions to the clues.
  • Or if you’re an educator looking for online classroom games, consider the Kids Edition.

Want to see more of a particular city’s best museums and landmarks? Escape games for New York, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, the San Francisco Bay Area, Texas, and Washington, D.C., are also available. If your group includes people from a variety of countries, whose first language might not be English, check out the Around the World Scavenger Hunt.

Contact us to learn more—and find more fun working at home!

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A World of Thanks: The Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Need some good news?

Let’s not forget to look at all that’s right about the world and our history. This gratitude scavenger hunt combs the internet in search of the many people, places, and moments for which we can be grateful. It’s a virtual appreciation game you play on teams, so you’ll also come away with a better appreciation for your colleagues. You’ll follow clues to discover websites around the world that celebrate natural wonders and pioneering people who have given amazing gifts to us all in discoveries and inventions, music, food, art, education, humor, and a cornucopia of other areas of achievement.

You’ll be thankful about such things as…

  • The wonders of the human heart, as you go through a giant one at the Franklin Institute
  • The advances in everyday food, glorious food, as reflected through the mischievous eyes of Andy Warhol
  • The amazing sculpting powers of water at the Iguazu Falls in South America
  • Marvels of transportation, a Space Shuttle at the Air & Space Museum or fun model trains at Chicago’s Museum of Science & Industry
  • Miracles of nature such as chimpanzees and the species-saving arks that are zoos
  • Heroes and pioneers such as Marie Curie, Rosa Parks, Walt Disney, Thomas Edison, and Lin-Manuel Miranda

…and much more. There’s also a bonus challenge featuring Americans who lead by example in their work for charities and worthy causes. By the end of this appreciation game, you’ll certainly be thankful you played.

A Kids Edition and an International/ESL Edition are also available. Contact us to learn more.

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Cheers! It’s the Virtual Happy Hour Game

It’s 5 O’ Clock Somewhere!

Pull up a seat, bend your elbow, and join your friends for a round of trivia. Actually, since you’re already at home, make that five rounds! Drink in five rounds of questions and challenges that value teamwork as much as knowledge. Instead of meeting up at the bar, you’ll meet with our Host on Zoom, then head into team breakout rooms to tackle questions in our browser-based app. Each question encourages discussion that lets you work out the answers—and laugh while you do.

As you play, you might be asked about…

  • Literal “pub” trivia about famous watering holes around the world
  • The “Happy”-iest songs you know
  • Sauced and saucy art you can find in museums
  • Mashups that mix equal parts cocktail and pop culture

…and more. Plus there’ll be a photo scavenger hunt round, where you’ll need to collaborate with teammates to make memorable, “Brady Bunch” style team photos on your Zoom screen.

In a time when getting together after work is all too rare, this virtual team-building game is perfect for bringing together colleagues in a fun activity that fosters bonding while defeating Zoom fatigue. Not only will the Zoom Happy Hour games bring your team closer, but the good times will live on in your future meetings.

This is just one of our many, many virtual games that hundreds of companies and thousands of players have enjoyed as a happy hour activity. See the sidebar at left for a list of games. Or contact us below to prepare for the happiest hour you’ll ever have online!

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The Friendly Feud Virtual Game

If you like Family Feud, you’ll love this game

Get to know your friends and colleagues better on a virtual game of fun questions and surprising answers. The game is played in two rounds: In the first round, players take an onscreen multiple-choice poll, then compete on teams to see who’s best at predicting what the most popular answers will be with your group.

In Round 2, teams will duke it out over answers to fun survey questions. Can you come up with the most popular answers?

A Zoom Game for Team-Building Fun

The best part of the game? The discussions you have with your teammates, as you find out what each person would choose and debate the most popular answers. It’s a great way to start conversations and get to know your teammates better.

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