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Virtually Shot by Cupid: A Valentine’s Day Trivia Game

Laughter and teamwork are in the air

Get your colleagues the perfect gift: a Valentine’s Day trivia game that celebrates and lampoons the holiday everyone either loves—or loves to hate.

Recruit that special someone or your savviest friends and tackle five rounds of fun, light-hearted challenges.

Along the way, you might be quizzed on…

  • Rom-Com Mashups
  • Name that “Love” Song
  • Fictional Dating Profiles
  • History’s Worst Couples

Plus there’ll be a creative photo scavenger hunt round, where you’ll need to collaborate with teammates to compose eye-catching team photos on your Zoom screen.

This virtual Valentine’s Day trivia game is perfect for collegial collaboration on a fun activity that fosters bonding while defeating Zoom fatigue. Not only will the game delight your group, its positive team-building impact will echo in your future meetings. Contact us to prepare for a hour of laughs and love!

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The Virtual Birthday Party Game

How to Host a Virtual Birthday Party

Bring together family and friends, wherever they are, to celebrate your loved one’s big day. In this special virtual birthday party edition of our Trivia Slam Game, you’ll team up to tackle trivia challenges about famous parties, amazing celebrations, and your own guest of honor. Players will also enjoy a photo scavenger hunt round and decode a Mystery Message customized for your birthday person.

You’ll play in teams, and the guest of honor has the option of changing teams after each round, to spend time with all of the participants. Zoom video-conferencing brings everyone together, while our custom app delivers the questions, collects answers, and keeps score. And our live Host keeps the game going and everyone laughing and sharing.

In addition to the version for adults, a Kids Edition is available for ages 12 and up.

Ready for a virtual birthday party blast?

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The Virtual Bridal Shower / Bachelorette Party Game

Don’t give up on fun!

If you’re looking for ideas for a virtual bachelorette party or a virtual bridal shower, we’re here to help, as experts in online festivities. Join the bride-to-be and our Host in an online get-together filled with shared fun, thanks to humorous, surprising games. In this special edition of our Trivia Slam Game, you’ll get on teams and tackle unusual challenges, many of which highlight the guest of honor. Plus she has the option of joining different teams for each round, so you all get to enjoy her company.

Highlights include…

  • A scavenger hunt round based on the guest of honor’s spontaneous answers to questions posed by the Host
  • A Mystery Message you must decipher, with a message about the guest of honor
  • A wedding-themed team photo round
  • Two rounds of amusing trivia on the theme of weddings, brides, bachelorettes, honeymoons, and (ahem) wedding nights

Breakout rooms in Zoom will allow teams to collaborate and conspire apart from the group. And the Watson Adventures game app, used in any browser, will deliver the challenges, collect the answers, and keep score. The Host will keep the game moving and everyone laughing. Ready to have some unforgettable fun?

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The Virtual Graduation Celebration Game

Have Fun with Your Favorite Graduate

Graduations are rare occasions, so you don’t want to let one slip by just because your family and friends can’t all be together in one place. Why not start your virtual graduation party off with a fun group trivia game? In this special edition of our Trivia Slam Game, you’ll get on teams and answer fun, tricky questions about graduations, celebrations, and a scavenger hunt round starring your very own graduate. You’ll play in teams, and the graduate has the option of changing teams after each round, so everyone gets to enjoy playing with the guest of honor.

Highlights of the game include

  • Fun trivia questions involving graduations, graduates, school, and more
  • A Mystery Message—featuring the graduate—which can be decoded only by solving a series of puzzles
  • A Photo Challenges round in which teams take and share photos

The Deluxe Edition includes a customized round of trivia about the graduate: We’ll send you questions beforehand and incorporate the answers into the game.

We’ll use Zoom to bring you all together, plus our own app to deliver the questions and collect the answers and keep score. Our Host will keep the game moving and everyone laughing and sharing. Ready to have fun?

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