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Fun, Funny Scavenger Hunts All Around Music City

Top 5 Nashville Scavenger Hunts

There’s a lot more to Music City than just the music, as you’ll discover on our team-building scavenger hunts that highlight Nashville’s hidden history, cool sites, colorful places, and, yes, rich tradition of country music. On teams, you’ll explore the festive streets and great buildings of downtown, or one of the city’s amazing museums, by tackling intriguing clues in search of answers to humorous questions.

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Nashville<br /> Group Activities

Our most popular location for a hunt—for both corporate team building and social events with friends—is right in the heart of downtown Nashville. We’ve divided the area into two sections for our games: one half features boisterous Broadway and the Ryman Auditorium, while the other boasts the Legislative Plaza in front of the State Capitol, legendary locations on Fifth Avenue, the Arcade, and Printers Alley, among other highlights. Pick one side or mix ’em together, depending on where you want to start and finish.

Or do a deep dive into musical legends at the Country Music Hall of Fame, where fun questions help you zero in on the best, the wildest, and the most interesting memorabilia and displays in the jam-packed, tune-filled galleries.

Or time-travel through Volunteer State history at the brand-new Tennessee State Museum on the Bicentennial Mall.

Did we miss your favorite place? Our Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunts can send you just about anywhere for an adventure, on classic scavenger hunts with unusual twists. And the Murder by Team Building Game can be executed (so to speak) in a conference room or living room.

In town for a bachelorette party? Help your friends get better acquainted on the Bride ’n’ Go Seek Scavenger Hunt.

Find out why local companies, tour groups, and regular revelers looking for something different have all asked us to create out-of-the-ordinary, memorable, team-building fun for them.

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