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The Tennessee Time Travel Scavenger Hunt

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The Tennessee Time Travel Scavenger Hunt

A weather-proof adventure in Nashville!

What’s the best way to hurtle through the decades at Nashville’s Tennessee State Museum? On a team-building scavenger hunt, of course! You’ll time travel through more than 200 years in 90 minutes, as your group goes in search of answers to tricky, humorous questions that bring out the best in the museum. Heck, the museum’s galleries are literally arranged around what the history museum calls a “Time Tunnel.” So strap on your goggles and set the dial to 1600…

We’ve scanned the galleries and scoured the display cases to find the most fascinating objects, the most jaw-dropping facts, and the most rib-tickling tales the history museum has to offer. All you need for the game is sharp eyes, comfy shoes, and good teamwork. You don’t even need to know the difference between Davey Crockett and Dolly Parton—but by the end of the game, you’ll be delighted by how interesting the history of Nashville and Tennessee can be.

More than that, our questions bring out the talents and skills of everyone on your team. There are also Team Photo Challenges to spur your creativity and create memorable images to share at the finish line. You’ll be amazed at how even the curmudgeons transform into enthusiasts by the finish line.

Highlights on the Nashville scavenger hunt include…

  • A weerdly werded messij carvd by Daniel Boone
  • A First Lady’s unprecedented musical request to the Marines
  • A potent Prohibition whiskey “for medicinal use only”
  • A luck charm owned by a former Rabbit Foot Minstrel and “The World’s Oldest Teenager”
  • A Civil War soldier’s ruse to lick others at lice races

Admission to the Tennessee State Museum is free, and of course it’s impervious to heat, humidity, rain, or snow. You can keep cool while the competition heats up.

Find out why Watson Adventures has been the leader in museum team-building activities since 1999. Contact us to learn more—and find more fun in Nashville!

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