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NYC Scavenger Hunt for Kids

The Art Attack
Scavenger Hunt
for Kids

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The Art Attack Scavenger Hunt for Kids

A fun way for kids to fall in love with art

Kids and adults go on an art adventure together on this child-friendly edition of our popular Met Madness Scavenger Hunt. On teams, you’ll travel through time as you search for answers to tricky, humorous questions about mummies, knights in armor, palace rooms, hidden gardens, and much more. No knowledge of the museum or art is required, but you’ll come away amazed at what you’ve seen and eager to learn more.

For ages 7 and up. Kids must be accompanied by an adult, and vice versa. This is a perfect activity for school field trips and summer-camp outings, and we can’t count how many birthday parties have enjoyed this hunt.

A special edition for younger kids

Children ages 6 to 8 can also get in on the action with the Met Detective Scavenger Hunt. They’ll use close-up photos of the weirdest, wackiest works of art to answer kooky questions about what they find. Every team requires at least one adult to help with walking directions while the kids keep their eyes wide open looking at the art.

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