History Museum Scavenger Hunt

The New York History Mysteries
Scavenger Hunt at the
New-York Historical Society

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  • adults
  • kids
  • indoor

The New York History Mysteries Scavenger Hunt

Time-travel to New York City’s past…

…by going on this whirlwind tour of the New-York Historical Society. It’s like the city’s attic of treasures. Your team will follow a trail of clues through the beautifully remodeled Luce Center, the Center for Women’s History, and an array of ever-changing special exhibits, as you search for answers to tricky, humorous questions about the cool things you discover.

The New-York Historical Society has asked us to stage this game for the general public more than 11 times since 2017. We always get a great turnout and an enthusiastic response. Keep your eyes on the NYHS website to find out when we will next team up with the museum!

But maybe you have a corporate group that needs a fun, stimulating, brain-scratching, team bonding activity right now. Good news: You can book this scavenger hunt for private groups almost anytime!

On the scavenger hunt you might search for such items as…

  • Tremendous timepieces with timeless appeal
  • An authentic replica of the Oval Office
  • Antique windup toys and trains
  • An instigating object in the Civil War Draft Riots
  • A panic on Wall Street between bulls and bears

No knowledge of the museum or New York history is needed: you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes.

Special edition for kids and school groups

A Kids Edition for kids and adults to play together is also available for ages 7 and up. It’s a great way to introduce children to New York history and to the museum while having fun. If you’re bringing a school group to the museum for a field trip, the History Mysteries Scavenger Hunt for Kids helps teachers introduce explore the entire museum while entertaining the chaperones as much as the young hunters.

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