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The Whodunit at the MFA
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The Whodunit at the MFA Scavenger Hunt

Stop a killer? Get a clue!

There’s a killer on the loose at the Museum of Fine Arts, and it’s up to your team to stop him! How? By playing the scavenger hunt he created, which will ultimately reveal his identity, the murder weapon, and the location of the victim’s body. He sent the hunt to the police and dared them to try and solve it, but they’re stumped. Now they need your help.

You’ll be supplied with a list of potential suspects, weapons, and places. By following the clues and answering tricky questions, you’ll narrow down the list and provide the authorities with the evidence they need to catch and convict the killer.

No knowledge of the museum or art is necessary. The game is bit easier than the Murder at the MFA Scavenger Hunt, which makes it a popular team-building choice with mixed groups.

You can purchase tickets to a weekend Whodunit hunt for the public below, or contact us to learn more about booking a private Museum of Fine Arts scavenger hunt —and find more fun in Boston!

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