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The Ghosts of
Greenwich Village
Scavenger Hunt

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The Ghosts of Greenwich Village Scavenger Hunt

Beware of scare tactics in this eerie adventure!

Virtual Alert! During the pandemic—and while it’s too cold for an outdoors adventure—you can still enjoy our Virtual Ghost Hunt: The Haunted Online Scavenger Hunt. Bring a team to a weekend game for the public or round up a larger group for a private hunt any day, any time. The game features 18 haunted locations from Greenwich Village to San Francisco! Learn more.

Meanwhile, here’s more about our real-world game…

Armed with only a flashlight, you’ll visit ghost-plagued buildings and secret cemeteries while learning the stories of the restless souls you might disturb. Starring: the spirits of Mark Twain, Aaron Burr, Edgar Allan Poe, Washington Irving, Thomas Paine, artist John LaFarge, the Shadow, Clement Clarke Moore, Mayor Jimmy Walker, Lee Chumley, Patrolman Schwartz, a few skeletons, and various other apparitions, sudden chills, rustlings, and knockings.

You’ll learn the haunting stories of…

  • The converted stable where the restless spirit of Aaron Burr lurks—or perhaps it’s his daughter Theodosia, who died in a shipwreck
  • The hundreds or perhaps thousands of bodies buried beneath a popular park
  • The woman tickled by a feather at 3 a.m. in a cursed house
  • The artist whose mural fell from a church wall the moment he died elsewhere
  • The last known location of Judge Crater, “The Missingest Man in New York”
  • A possible former opium den where a mayor kept his mistress and Howdy Doody’s daddy heard banging in the walls
  • 19th-century spirits who still trod the stairs of a theater
  • The former speakeasy where the original proprietor jinxed the jukebox

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But leave the salt, iron, and other ghost preventives at home: to win this game, you just need sharp eyes and good teamwork.  And if you miss out…it might haunt you for the rest of the week! [Cue sinister laughter.]

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