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The Murder at the Science Museum
Scavenger Hunt

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The Murder at the Science Museum Scavenger Hunt

Team building is a dangerous game

Or at least it was for the Watson Adventures staffer who created the scavenger hunt for your group at the Museum of Science. He was found dead at the foot of the T. rex, and the only evidence that remains is the game he created for your group—and some mysterious documents we received when we tried to contact his sister.

The police need your help. They think that the scavenger hunt might contain clues that reveal the victim’s secret life. On teams, you’ll need to follow clues to visit exhibits in the museum and answer tricky questions about what you find. You must figure out how they relate to a mysterious list of code words that seem to indicate that our hunt host was in danger—and perhaps you are too.

You’ll need good teamwork and a bit of cunning to save yourselves—and maybe even the world. Are you up for the challenge? The game’s afoot!

What hunters are saying about the murder mystery scavenger hunt

“I wanted to commend you guys on an awesome event yesterday. As an HR Leader, it’s always scary to decide what my group will respond to—they loved it!  In fact, someone just told me that it was the best event this company has ever had.  YAY. Thanks again for making it so easy and enjoyable.  And please let Elizabeth [the hunt host] know that she did a terrific job.”—a senior HR manager at a biotech company

Join us for a weekend scavenger hunt for the general public, or contact us to learn about a private murder mystery scavenger hunt for your group—and find more fun in Boston!

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