Scavenger Hunts at The Museum of Science, Boston

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The Twisted Science Scavenger Hunt

See the surreal side of science…

…on a whirlwind tour of the Museum of Science that reveals eye-popping interactive exhibits, ingenious beasts, delightful dioramas, eccentric inventors, and marvelous machines. On this team-building adventure, you’ll follow clues and answer slightly crazy questions about what you discover. Highlights include a life-size T-Rex, a pharaoh with a fan club, a clanging kinetic tower, optical illusions, a mad scientist’s lab, a fascinating/horrifying trophy room, and a nightmare chair.

No MIT degree is required—in fact, it could be a hindrance. You just need inquiring minds, good teamwork, and a sense of humor.

Your team will tackle such questions as…

  • What two dinosaurs could pose for an extreme diet plan’s “before” and “after” photos? Answer: Campsognathus and triceratops, seen as they’d look in life and as skeletons.
  • In the Natural Mysteries gallery, Wilson’s ironic lesson might be that you’re always hurt by the ones you love. Why would he think that? Answer: Wilson A. Bentley, a photographer of snowflakes, died from walking in the snow.
  • In the Transportation exhibit, find a red machine that a dolt might think can help de-wrinkle clothes or make a cappuccino. Thanks to this, at what speed did Marriott almost check out? Answer: Astonishingly, Fred Marriott survived a 190 mph crash in a Stanley Steamer.

Please note that we haven’t included here the directions and other clues that lead you to the answers.


Want your group to interact more? Try the Mixed Alliances Edition, in which each team must meet and collaborate with three other teams as the game unfolds. Each individual will interact with at least 11 other game participants. What will you do when your opponent must become your ally?

An acclaimed scavenger hunt in Boston

Since its debut in 2005, this hunt has provided a surprising, fun team-building activity for groups from more than 100 companies. Delighted clients include Procter & Gamble, the United States Air Force, AstraZeneca, Boston University, and Dell, to name just a few. Contact us to find out what we can do for your group—and find more fun in the Museum of Science!

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The Murder at the Science Museum Scavenger Hunt

A serial killer—or a Freemason curse?

Museum of Science staffers are turning up dead—and they were all involved in the recent discovery of a long-lost invention by Benjamin Franklin. This “infernal machine” has a murky past: Freemasons supposedly used it as part of a secret ritual. Were the deaths caused by the invention, or are they part of the fabled curse of the Freemasons? Or is a serial killer on the loose? Your team of sleuths will work together to uncover the museum’s secrets and crack a code to solve the mystery and stop the killings.

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The Twisted Science Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Discover science’s silly side…

…on this kid-friendly version of our popular adult hunt. While searching for answers to fun, funny questions, your team will uncover the secrets of amazing interactive exhibits, a life-size tyrannosaurus, a sneaky snake, hidden messages, an electrified jumping disk, optical illusions, sunken treasure, a musical zebra in a hunter’s trophy room, a book by a cat, live animals, and a nightmare chair, to name just a few of the highlights.

This is a great game for kids and adults to enjoy together, whether as a family outing, a school field trip, a birthday celebration—you name it. You’ll all be equally engaged as you pull together as a team and make memories you’ll never forget.

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