NYC Museum Scavenger Hunt

The Murder at the Museum
of Natural History
Scavenger Hunt

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The Murder at the Museum of Natural History Scavenger Hunt

Can you figure out who did it?

Someone—or some thing—has been bumping off museum staffers involved in acquiring a sacred Egyptian relic. Is it the dreaded Curse of Ahtchu? Or is a serial killer on the loose? Your team of sleuths will have to crack a hieroglyphic code and uncover the museum’s secrets to stop the killings.

While solving the crime, you’ll get an amazing whirlwind tour of the American Museum of Natural History. From the giant blue whale on the lower level to the T. rex on the top floor, anything could be a clue…and everything is a suspect.

Are your sleuthing skills up to snuff? We recommend at least three players per team.

What hunters are saying about our Museum of Natural History scavenger hunts

A 5-star review on Google: “We completed a scavenger hunt with Watson Adventures at the American Museum of Natural History for a work end of year team celebration. This was a great activity for a large group and everyone really enjoyed themselves! I cannot recommend it enough!”

“It was fantastic! Everyone in the group had a great time and they said they don’t know how we will top our summer event for next year!” —from a law firm

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