History Museum Scavenger Hunt

The Museum of Natural Hysteria
Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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The Museum of Natural Hysteria Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Explore 6 continents and 8 planets in 90 minutes!

Kids and adults work together on this history museum scavenger hunt, which reveals the weirdest, the wildest, and the wackiest secrets of the American Museum of Natural History. You won’t be collecting objects—drop that fossil!—you’ll be searching for answers to quirky questions about the amazing exhibits you discover.

This team game is suitable for children ages 7 and up. No previous knowledge of the museum or its contents is required—you just need eagle eyes, good teamwork, and a flair for adventure!

Along the way, your team might…

  • Search for snakes in Africa
  • Touch ancient meteorites and dinosaur bones
  • Find out your weight on the moon (don’t worry—it’s good news!)
  • Discover why a T. rex shouldn’t stand up
  • Brush by brown bears and buffalo
  • Goggle at far-out fashions in far-off places
  • Cower at a crouching cannibal
  • Mingle with cavemen
  • Dive beneath a life-size blue whale to get in the swim with a monster squid

The game is designed for teams of five or six kids, with one or more adults per team. We’ve been staging this hunt since 2000, and we know just the right level of challenge to engage every child and adult on a team.

Perfect for school groups—or any group!

What a great class trip or summer-camp activity! The scavenger hunt is a fun-filled way to introduce kids to the marvels of the museum, leaving young hunters yearning to learn more. Plus, the game makes it easy for adults to serve as more than just chaperones—they are fully engaged teammates. Numerous school groups have raved about this game, including schools with hundreds of participants. It’s also a popular choice for kids’ birthday parties and other special occasions.

What happy hunters are saying

“I have currently taken students from my high school to four hunts. Each time we have gone, the students have had a wonderful experience. The enthusiasm I have seen, the teamwork that has been displayed, has been thrilling for me as an educator. My job is to keep students engaged, and Watson Adventures does that with ease. Not only are the students doing something fun—they don’t even realize how much they are learning in the process.”

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