Escape the Chicago History Museum Scavenger Hunt

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Escape the Chicago History Museum Scavenger Hunt

The clock is ticking…

You better hope your team can uncover the historical secrets of this remarkable museum—and fast! Because if you don’t follow the clues, find objects on display, and unravel the riddles around them, when you will fail to recover the antidote that will save your life.

Oh, did we leave out a little detail? You’ve been poisoned at the start of this game. A diabolical villain is toying with you with the scavenger hunt he created at this museum. If you can outsmart him, he might invite you to join his gang. And if you fail…well, you know.

This game provides a fun way to go on a time-traveling tour of the exhibits at this museum. Plus it’s open till 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, making it a perfect after-work team-building activity. So what are you waiting for? Perhaps you’ve been poisoned already…and the clock is ticking…

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