Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

The Murder at the Getty
Scavenger Hunt

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The Murder at the Getty Scavenger Hunt

Can your team catch a killer?

A famous, controversial art critic has been murdered, and this dead man tells tales—if you can figure them out, that is. He left behind a series of cryptic clues connected with art at the Getty Center, and they all lead to the museum’s planned multi-million-dollar purchase of a Leonardo da Vinci painting. As your team answers tricky questions about the masterpieces you find, you’ll uncover the greed, lust, and betrayal that got him killed and deduce which of the four suspects committed the murder.

Four suspects, one murder mystery scavenger hunt

Round up the usual suspects for your team: this is one of the more challenging hunts, so we recommend hunting in teams of three or more. But no knowledge of the museum or art is necessary: you just need sharp eyes and comfy shoes. The hunt’s afoot!

What are sleuths saying about the Getty murder mystery game?

“We had no idea what to expect going into the scavenger hunt and it ended up being a blast! It was a great excuse to all get together, have fun, and team build in a way that didn’t feel forced. And one of the best parts (coming from someone who coordinates a lot of events) was all we had to do in preparation was show up 🙂 ” —a corporate group

“Our team had a wonderful time, definitely recommending these hunts to anyone who asks. [Hunt Host] Joshua was also a wonderful emcee for our event.” —a streaming service

“We all had an absolute blast for the scavenger hunt!” —a market research company

A 5-star review on Yelp: “Looking for a fun and new way to explore some of LA’s most popular attractions? Then look no further and give Watson Adventures a try! A small group of friends decided to solve a murder mystery in competition with other random groups….As we were provided clues to follow and solve, we explored most of the different galleries at the Getty. I’ve never been much of a history buff but the clues basically force you to learn about the different artifacts throughout the museum…By reading the different placards our group was able to piece together a riddle to determine ‘who done it.’ I found the experience to be quite fun. Overall, this adventure was fun and entertaining. I could totally see a corporate event with Watson Adventures. Looking forward to my next Watson Adventure!”

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