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The Secrets of the Getty Museum
Scavenger Hunt for Kids

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The Secrets of the Getty Museum Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Discover the fun side of art

Kids and adults join forces to answer fun and funny questions about the quirkiest, strangest, and most wonderful works of art at this mountaintop treasure chest. On this whirlwind tour, teams will tackle tricky questions that are similar to the ones on our Art Attack Scavenger Hunt for adults, but made kid-friendly and designed to entertain and engage young and old alike.

No previous knowledge about art is required—but you’ll learn a lot along the way, and kids will have their curiosity primed to return again.

The game has been recommended by such family-activity experts as GoCityKids.com.

The hunt is suitable for ages 7 and up, and it’s a great choice for birthday parties, school field trips, camp outings, and any other kid-centered events. It will get kids working together during the game—and talking about it for days afterward.

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