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The Museum of
Natural Hysteria
Scavenger Hunt

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The Museum of Natural Hysteria Scavenger Hunt

Go on our most surreal hunt in L.A.

On this whirlwind tour, you’ll see almost the entire Natural History Museum—from dinosaurs to diamonds, planets to penguins. Your challenge: follow the clever clues and come up with the right answers to fun, funny questions about the objects on display. Highlights include Megamouth the shark, a life-size African watering hole, Zuni fetishes, unusual moments in California history, and much more.

This game is a fun, weatherproof team-building activity for companies in nearby downtown L.A.

You might tackle such questions as…

  • A crystal ball leads you to the House of Bling. / Much in here makes you sing ch-ching / But a girl’s best friend is the thing. / Who gave her maid of honor that fabulous ring? Answer: Catherine the Great of Russia gave her maid of honor a diamond ring.
  • Out of the Hall of Africa dark / In a long and woody bark / Peek at the fish snaky and snark. / Where did it get bit by a shark? Answer: The tail of the oarfish shows a bite mark from a shark.
  • Now celebrate statehood, the romance and the gold, / Where under the trellis, Dona might grab ahold, / And a drink could make you a criminal, tipsy and bold. / What does a fool never change, or so we are told? Answer: His mind, according to the ‘Unemployed Vigilante’ newspaper.

Puzzled? No worries: we left out some essential clues and directions. The questions are designed so that you can find the answer only when you’re in the right spot and looking at the right thing. You don’t need any previous knowledge to triumph—you just need good teamwork and comfortable shoes.

A Kids Edition of this game is also available for mini archaeologists. If you’re looking for something different and fun for a birthday party, school field trip, or camp outing, you’ve found it! Recommended for ages 7 and up.

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