Scavenger Hunts at Fisherman’s Wharf

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The Wharf’s Weird Wonders Scavenger Hunt

You may think you know Fisherman’s Wharf…

…but you won’t believe what you’ve been missing when you play this unusual group game that reveals its hidden history and overlooked oddities. On this waterfront adventure, you and your team will follow a trail of clues and answer fun and funny questions about what you find. You’ll uncover secrets about old ships on Hyde Street Pier, navy vessels on Pier 45, crab stands on Taylor Street, a cocoa grinder at Ghirardelli Square, an Atlantis-inspired mural, and the transformed Cannery.

You might also discover…

  • A guy holding on for dear life at the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park Visitor Center
  • The origin of the country’s first Irish coffee
  • Bizarre and entertaining coin-operated antique machines at the Musée Méchanique
  • A drinking man’s favorite booze
  • A sub that’s giving clouds the brush-off

Plus, you’ll find a festive riot of food and souvenir stands. You don’t need any special or prior knowledge to triumph—you just need to be on the lookout for surprising details, think out of the box, and collaborate with your teammates.

The game provides a great team-building outing for corporate groups looking for an unusual venue for some bonding. Why get stuck in a room for an hour when you can explore the carnival that is Fisherman’s Wharf?  

If you’re thinking that this would also be the perfect group game for curious kids, you’d be right! We offer a Kids Edition of this hunt that will delight hunters ages 7 and up. It’s ideal for birthday parties, camp and youth-group outings, and more.

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