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The Tech Trek Scavenger Hunt

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is a fan!

Find out why Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Amazon, and many other tech companies have turned to Watson Adventures for the ultimate experience in clever, sophisticated museum scavenger hunts. As Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos told the New York Times about Watson Adventures, “I love games of all kinds, and those hunts are pretty intense. They take you into corners of the museum most people never find.”

That’s certainly true of this hunt at the Tech Interactive museum, which combines fascinating science with the latest innovations in museum displays to create one terrific team-building experience. On teams, you’ll explore the nooks and crannies of this Silicon Valley gem by following a trail of clues and answering clever, entertaining questions about what you find.

To win, you might need to…

  • Build a robot to blow up suspicious packages
  • Try brain surgery on a dummy
  • Take an infrared team portrait
  • Consult over an X-ray of a bullet lodged in a throat
  • Use a dragon to measure an earthquake
  • Do some real-time spying on cities around the world
  • Get the puck outta here like a hockey goalie
  • Create a program that reveals Mr. Potato Head’s love of dogs playing poker

Those are just a few of the highlights on this game that’s perfect for corporate outings, student and alumni reunions, birthday parties, and more. Even better: you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to win this hunt—you just need a sharp mind and comfortable shoes.

Editions for kids and adults to do together, and for people whose first language is not English, are also available.

Contact us to learn more about the Tech Interactive scavenger hunt—and find more fun in San Jose!

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The Murder at the Rosicrucian Museum Scavenger Hunt

Can you figure out whodunit?

The mummies aren’t the only dead bodies at the Rosicrucian Museum. No, there’s a much fresher corpse on the grounds: a Watson Adventures staffer has caught a bullet, and it’s up to you to catch his killer. Your first clue in solving this mystery is a star on the ground that the victim drew with his own blood. He also left behind a scavenger hunt that he created in the museum. Your team’s first task: get to work on that hunt!

As you answer the questions and uncover the secrets of the murder, you’ll begin to piece together the details of his double life. From the depths of the mummy’s tomb to the heights of Pharaoh Akhenaten’s rule, many a surprising detail turns out to be part of a cryptic code. No pressure or anything, but the fate of the free world may depend on your teamwork.

Contact us to learn more about this Egyptian museum team-building adventure—and find more fun in San Jose!

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Escape the Tech Museum Scavenger Hunt

Can you get out—with your life?

We hate to break the news to you, but you’ve been poisoned. The good news is that now you get to play a wildly enjoyable game as you try to find the cure and save yourself. The evil genius who poisoned you has created a series of puzzles for you to solve that reveal the combination to a box that contains the antidote.

As you follow the villain’s diabolical clues, you’ll explore the Tech Interactive museum, investigating mechanical marvels and scientific breakthroughs. Your team will have to answer tricky questions about the facts and artifacts you find, interact with our Hunt Host to tackle sneaky puzzles, and ultimately crack a code.

No knowledge of tech or the museum is required: you just need sharp eyes, comfy shoes, and excellent teamwork.

Sure, you can escape a room, but can you unlock the box and escape the Tech Interactive? Your life depends on it.

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The Murder Mystery Mayhem Scavenger Hunt

Beware: there’s a killer in your midst

Someone playing this game with you is a bit of a Jekyll and Hyde. His or her good side knows nothing about the evil side—and the evil side has challenged you to prevent your own murder. Everyone in your group has been poisoned, and the clock is ticking down on your time left to live. To reveal the killer’s identity, you’ll have to complete a series of photo challenges, solve interlocking puzzles, decipher coded text messages, and more. If you succeed, you get the antidote. If you fail…well, you know.

If you love escape-room games, you’ll love this murder mystery scavenger hunt. But even better, you won’t be locked in a room for an hour: this game can be played almost anywhere. 

An in-person murder mystery for any location!

We have a variety of versions, depending on where you want to play. Such as…

  • A city, town, or neighborhood
  • A science or history museum
  • A zoo or aquarium
  • An office building
  • A school or campus

A murder mystery scavenger hunt perfect for team building

Here’s a game that will help you solve the mystery of how to entertain a diverse group of people while boosting morale and teamwork. It’s perfect for any private party or a corporate team-building outing of any size. Our clients who have enjoyed this game include T-Mobile, TD Bank, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals, Michigan in Washington, and others too numerous to mention.

What delighted clients are saying

“Everyone had a great time at the hunt! We are all still talking about it.” —an electrical engineer whose group played the game at the Houston Zoo

“A HUGE THANK YOU. Everyone had a BLAST and your hosts were FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for another great event!!” —an office coordinator in Los Angeles

“We had an amazing time and will be in touch for the next hunt we’d like to do in the near future! Tokia [the hunt host] was amazing, and we’d love to work with her again!!!” —an organizer for a group in Washington, DC

The hunt’s afoot! Contact us to learn more—and find more team-building fun anywhere!

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The “Celebrate Your City” Scavenger Hunts

And show what makes your state so great…

…on special versions of the Grab ’n’ Go Anywhere Scavenger Hunts featuring activities that give you a chance to flaunt your hometown pride. The fun tasks involve collecting unusual objects, taking creative Team Photos, and meeting the Hunt Host for a surprise challenge.

If you’re from New York City, you might need to locate an actual big apple, or know the best subway route to get from Yankee Stadium to Citifield.

If you’re from Texas, the Lone Star Showdown might challenge you to come up with one of the six flags that have flown over the state, or get a photo with a Longhorn signing “Hook ’em Horns” or with an Aggie signing “Gig ’em.”

Celebrate Milwaukee and the great state of Wisconsin on games that send you in search of such local delights as frozen custard, cheese curds, brats, and booyah stew. Or dramatize the phrase “Fear the deer!”

If you have a case of Minnesota Mania, we might prescribe that you collect some cough drops or lozenges, in honor of Minnesota homeboy Bob Dylan.

In Wilmington, Delaware, you can help a stranger in honor of Joan of Arcadia (the TV series in which Wilmington poses as the fictional Arcadia), or collect a used Amtrak ticket in a salute to hometown hero and rail enthusiast Joe Biden.

In Atlanta, brace yourself for a photo in which you seem to be “gone with the wind” (you know why), or strike a pose with one of the more than a thousand works of street art. Or find a takeout menu with the word peach on it. Peachy!

Or are you visiting the Magnificent Mile in Chicago? Get in the spirit of the Windy City by taking a Team Photo as if you’re being blown away by a gust, or get historical by remembering the Great Fire and finding something toasted (not yourself, please).

In Washington, DC, you can “filibuster” another team for points, or get caught by a “spy camera” with just your heads showing. Or present a stranger with DC’s official flower, an American Beauty red rose.

What people are saying about the Celebrate Your City Scavenger Hunts

A 5-star review on Google: “Our team of 100 had a wonderfully fun time and the coordination with Watson Adventures was super smooth and easy. Laura L. was a wonderful event consultant…she was exceptionally knowledgeable and answered every question I had when planning our team’s Grab n Go option from our hotel conference in San Francisco, which for any event planner is a gold standard. The event hosts Alexis & Eric too were communicative and instructed our teams with great succession and they bought the energy and fun to our team which was fantastic. Overall this [company] was highly recommend to me by colleagues and now I know why, if you need a fun team building event you will not be disappointed by Watson Adventures!”

“Everyone, even the cynics who weren’t planning on having fun, really enjoyed themselves. We were having so much fun that a complete stranger tried to join our group photo at the finish line!” —a director of sales

Let us know what city or state you love, and we’ll provide a madcap team-building scavenger hunt for your group!

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