The Murder at the Rosicrucian Museum Scavenger Hunt

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The Murder at the Rosicrucian Museum Scavenger Hunt

Can you figure out who dunnit?

The mummies aren’t the only dead bodies at the Rosicrucian Museum. No, there’s a much fresher corpse on the grounds: a Watson Adventures staffer has caught a bullet, and it’s up to you to catch his killer. Your first clue in solving this mystery is a star on the ground that the victim drew with his own blood. He also left behind a scavenger hunt that he created in the museum. Your team’s first task: get to work on that hunt!

As you answer the questions and uncover the secrets of the murder, you’ll begin to piece together the details of his double life. From the depths of the mummy’s tomb to the heights of Pharaoh Akhenaten’s rule, many a surprising detail turns out to be part of a cryptic code. No pressure or anything, but the fate of the free world may depend on your teamwork.

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