The “Celebrate Your City” Scavenger Hunts

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The “Celebrate Your City” Scavenger Hunts

And show what makes your state so great…

…on special versions of the Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunts featuring activities that give you a chance to flaunt your hometown pride. The fun tasks involve collecting unusual objects, taking creative Team Photos, and meeting the Hunt Host for a surprise challenge.

If you’re from New York City, you might need to locate an actual big apple, or know the best subway route to get from Yankee Stadium to Citifield.

If you’re from Texas, the Lone Star Showdown might challenge you to come up with one of the six flags that have flown over the state, or get a photo with a Longhorn signing “Hook ’em Horns” or with an Aggie signing “Gig ’em.”

Or perhaps you might have a case of Minnesota Mania, in which case we might prescribe that you collect some cough drops or lozenges, in honor of Minnesota homeboy Bob Dylan.

Or are you visiting the Magnificent Mile in Chicago? Get in the spirit of the Windy City by taking a Team Photo as if you’re being blown away by a gust, or get historical by remembering the Great Fire and finding something toasted (not yourself, please).

Let us know what city or state you love, and we’ll provide a madcap game for your group!

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