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The Stanford Stampede
Scavenger Hunt

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The Stanford Stampede Scavenger Hunt

Go back to school for a degree in fun

Explore the hallowed, picturesque grounds of Stanford University on a fun and funny scavenger hunt. On teams, you’ll follow in the footsteps of countless (OK, 60) Nobel Prize winners and put your own brains to the test: can you suss out the answers to tricky questions across the campus?

On this college caper, you might…

  • Sleuth your way through sculpture gardens and past the legendary Golden Spike, which Leland Stanford ceremonially drove home in 1864, finishing the first transcontinental railroad
  • Hover near J. Edgar Hoover’s old residence
  • Do recon around Stanford’s research library
  • Spy locations that have starred in films from Flubber to Orange County…and more!

Your team will tackle such questions as…

  • Outside Memorial Church, which virtue seems to be throwing a gang sign with one hand? (Maybe they’re awfully generous on the west side.) Answer: The sculpted fingers of Charity seem to form the letter W.
  • Visit Memorial Court. On cobblestones, find six figures that an idiot might think have such names as Cheese, Medium Rare, Bacon, Double-Double, and Whopper. What is the first name of the one who seems to have the worst headache? Answer: Andrieu, one of the Burghers of Calais in a sculpture by Rodin, holds his head, poor guy.

Along the way, you’ll also complete unusual Photo Challenges and track down the Hunt Host for a surprise bonus challenge.  

Stanford’s campus has been called one of the most beautiful in the world—making it the perfect backdrop for this game that’s great for everything from student and alumni events to corporate outings.  

A Kids Edition is also available, in which kids and adults work together and have an equal amount of fun. Take it from a group that posted this 5-star Google review: “We did a hunt for my son’s 14th birthday party. We were surprised and delighted at the extent to which the kids got into it. They liked the mix of having to decipher the clues, as well as the photo challenges.”

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