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The Puzzled at the Art Museum
Scavenger Hunt

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The Puzzled at the Art Museum Scavenger Hunt

Look at art, solve puzzles—and save yourself!

You’ve been poisoned at the start of this scavenger hunt (er, sorry), and it’s up to you to find the cure. How? By going on a whirlwind tour of the Institute of Contemporary Art and solving a series of art-related puzzles created by a diabolical villain. He wants to see if you can decipher a coded message that will reveal how to get the antidote. Sure, you can escape a room, but can you escape the ICA?

The puzzles will test your teamwork. You might need to tease out hidden words. Or translate the rebus HIJKLMNO into a familiar term. Or solve a riddle. Or find what this means: Arrow shooter —> not fast. The variety of puzzles is designed to call upon the talents of everyone on your team—while delighting you with eye-popping art.

No knowledge of contemporary art or the museum is required: you just need sharp eyes, comfy shoes, and excellent teamwork.

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