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The Back Bay
Murder Mystery
Scavenger Hunt

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The Back Bay Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt

Catch a killer in Copley Square!

The setup: a Watson Adventures staffer has met an untimely end, and we need you and your team to help police find his killer. Before he died, he used his own blood to draw a star on the pavement outside the Public Library. The challenge: figure out what that curious clue means and uncover the secrets of the victim’s double life. As you piece together the puzzle, you’ll prevent a potentially disastrous incident with far-reaching consequences across the globe.

Along the way, you’ll also explore Copley Square and its vicinity, including the private side of the Public Garden, a wealth of uncommon sights on Commonwealth Avenue, and cryptic mysteries in the Public Library. This team-building extravaganza features many of the highlights of the Back Bay Blitz Scavenger Hunt, but adds a murder mystery to solve. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled: surprising details are part of a secret code that you need to crack and the deadly mystery you need to solve.

This hunt is great for any kind of social gathering where you want people to mix, mingle, and have fun together. Perfect for corporate outings, birthday parties, group meetups, alumni reunions—you name it!

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