Great Eats: Highlights From Our Food-Tour Munch Hunts

Hope you’re hungry, because May is Munch Month! With four food-centric scavenger hunts coming up, now’s your chance to taste your way to victory. (And of course, you can book a private hunt anytime you want.)

On top of the tricky, humorous questions you always find on Watson Adventures hunts, Munch Hunts show off some of the hippest, most historic, and most delicious restaurants and snack spots each neighborhood has to offer. We suggest where to eat and what to try…and then we give you points for eating! How great is that? Read on and feast your eyes on a sampling of the eats and treats you’ll find on our upcoming Munch Hunts.

1. Dukem, U Street, Washington, D.C.

On this Saturday’s Munch Around U Street Scavenger Hunt, explore one of D.C.’s most delicious neighborhoods for a combo platter of fascinating history and history-making food. Chow down at the famed Ben’s Chili Bowl, cool off with fro-yo at Menchie’s, and get your sweet potato cake on at Oohs and Aahs. Or for something completely different, dig into Dukem, where they serve up generous scoops of Ethiopian meats and veggies on paper-thin injera. It’s all scrumptious and unique—plus, you get to eat with your hands!

2. Joe’s Shanghai, Chinatown, New York

Discover hidden history and unmissable munchies on the Munch Around Chinatown Hunt. Hit up Joe’s Shanghai for their must-try soup dumplings, marvel at Hong Kong Supermarket’s crazy candy selection, and dip into Little Italy for Alleva Dairy’s ooey, gooey prosciutto-and-ricotta balls.

3. Mr. Bartley’s Gourmet Burgers, Cambridge, Mass.

The Munch Around Cambridge Hunt covers everything from the Revolutionary War to Matt Damon movies, and still finds time to dish out the grub at 16 different eateries. Try the trendy “new kind of fast food” at Clover Food Lab, the decadent Chocolate Orgy at Lizzy’s Homemade Ice Cream, and mighty bunned meats at Mr. Bartley’s Gourmet Burgers. (We swear there’s a burger piled under all that slaw up there.)

4. Chicago’s Dog House, Lincoln Park, Chicago

Join the Munch Around Lincoln Park Hunt to find misplaced Parisians, loitering Founding Fathers, and the spot where Dillinger died. Oh, and also to eat! Indulge in braised brisket tacos at the Taco Joint, bruschetta and a chai shake at Bourgeois Pig, and fresh cookie perfection at Insomnia Cookies. If you’re really feeling brave, take on the immense (and immensely satisfying) Chicago-style hot dogs at Chicago’s Dog House.

Note: When you join a munch hunt, we only charge you for the hunt itself. We want you to have a wide range of options to suit your taste, your budget, and your diet. We point you toward our favorites, but the ultimate choice is between you and your tummy.

To find all those hunts and more—including munch hunts in Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Philadelphia, visit our public scavenger hunts. To book a private hunt, contact us for information.