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The Munch Around
Union Market
Scavenger Hunt

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The Munch Around Union Market Scavenger Hunt

For those who hunger for adventure…

…this is the scavenger hunt you’ve been looking for! Explore one of the District’s most dynamic neighborhoods on a scavenger hunt full of snacks and surprises (that doubles as team building in DC). Inside Union Market, you’ll explore and sample a variety of vendors and foods. Outside, you’ll investigate dazzling street art, and interesting new businesses, and fascinating hidden facts.

Along the way you might find:

  • spare ribs that make you dance
  • steps that sing to you
  • sandwiches longer than the average American male is tall
  • exotic imports from across the pond
  • a hidden bread shop that will make you scream
  • papusas and arepas at La Cosecha
  • secret messages from the neighborhood’s past

The hunt’s historic highlights are similar to what you’ll find on the Union Market Mania Scavenger Hunt—from Mr. Brainwash street art to a recording studio fit for the Byrds.

You’ll also take photos of your team enjoying or presenting snacks available from a variety of vendors and stores.

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