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The Munch Around Chinatown Scavenger Hunt

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The Munch Around Chinatown Scavenger Hunt

Treat your taste buds to an exotic adventure…

…in this downtown culinary wonderland. Discover the most unusual and enticing restaurants, cafés, markets, and even food carts in Chinatown and neighboring Little Italy. You’ll not only answer our usual array of tricky questions with your team to try to win the hunt’s top prize—you’ll also be challenged to find and taste such foods as dumplings, roti canai (Malaysian fried bread), popcorn chicken, mini cakes hot off the grill, bubble teas, Zen Butter ice cream, pizza, cannoli cupcakes, egg custards, banh mi (Vietnamese sandwiches), rice balls, stone chocolate, and yummy bread.

Your team will be offered a variety of optional food stops, and you get to choose which treats work best for your diet and taste buds. We’ll recommend our favorites, but you get to make the final decision. 

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