Munch Around the Market

A Seattle Food Scavenger Hunt

  • private
  • adults
  • indoor

The Munch Around the Market Scavenger Hunt

Eat your way through Seattle on a scavenger hunt…

…as you tackle tricky questions and sample some of the best snacks in and around Pike Place Market. Foodies will feast on artisanal chocolates, delightful donuts, Southern biscuits, delicious dumplings, pillowy piroshkies, buttery popcorn, world-famous cheese, and more.

You’ll also discover other delightful surprises in the market. The hunt’s historic highlights are similar to what you’ll find in the Market Mania Scavenger Hunt—from merry old magicians and oddball museums to flying fish and a ladylike pig.

For the Munch Challenges, you’ll take photos of your team enjoying or presenting snacks available from a variety of vendors and stores.

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