Boost Inclusivity and Belonging in the Workplace with These New Team Building Activities

Inclusive Team Building Activities

Fostering a sense of inclusivity and belonging in the workplace is as important as ever, but the pandemic has created new challenges and erected new barriers to feeling connected. How do you cultivate an inclusive workplace—how do you celebrate your colleagues’ differences and find common ground—when your workplace is relegated to remote work or hot desking?

You can start with inclusive team building activities. While anyone can enjoy any of our virtual games, we have designed some new virtual scavenger hunts and special editions of games with diversity, equity, inclusivity, and belonging (DEIB) in mind. Whether you’re looking to celebrate the diversity of your team or enjoy a friendly feud, consider incorporating one of these new inclusive team building activities into your next company event.

Celebrate Diversity

Celebrate Diversity: A Virtual Team Building Scavenger Hunt invites players to explore a wide range of perspectives from artists and historical figures of different backgrounds. As with our other virtual scavenger hunts, this new game uses museum websites, virtual tours, and other online tools to discover art, landmarks, and people around the world, and then use our custom, browser-based app to answer questions about what you find.

In the Celebrate Diversity game, you and your colleagues will get to know the lives and work of such artists as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Andy Warhol, and Frida Kahlo; such trailblazers as Anna May Wong and Frederick Douglass; suffragists Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, and Sojourner Truth; and much more.

Wonder Women

Meet 20 powerful women, learn their stories, and see how they changed the world on the Wonder Women in History Virtual Scavenger Hunt. You’ll meet an inspiring queen of the Britons, virtually sit on the bus where Rosa Parks took a stand by sitting down, and see the forest with Jane Goodall, awaiting her first close encounter with chimpanzees. And that’s just the start of this inspiring hunt through herstory.

Friendly Feud

Build up your employees’ sense of belonging in the workplace by getting to know each other better on the new Friendly Feud Virtual Game. This game of light-hearted questions and surprising answers offers a more laidback and personal experience than our other virtual games.

In each round, everyone playing the game answers three multiple-choice questions via an on-screen Zoom poll. You might be asked, “What item would you most want with you on a desert island?” Or, “Which super power would you most want to have?” Next, teams head into breakout rooms to talk about their own answers, have a good laugh, and decide which choices will be the most popular overall. When everyone returns to the main room, the host reveals the poll results—and players find out how well they know their colleagues.

Mix & Mingle

Double the number of players you interact with on Mix & Mingle Virtual Games, a special edition of some of our virtual scavenger hunts. By shuffling players among teams halfway through, Mix & Mingle Games ensure that everyone in your group plays with more people.

This special edition is available on some of our most popular hunts, including the Celebrate Diversity game and our much-loved Around the World Scavenger Hunt. Mix & Mingle lets you get even more common ground-finding bang for your team building buck.