Group Activities<br /> in Metro Detroit

Group Activities
in Metro Detroit

Scavenger Hunts in Detroit & Dearborn

Top 5 Detroit Team-Building Games

Discover the secrets of your favorite Detroit & Dearborn museums and other locations on fun, funny scavenger hunts that will bring out the best in your team. Or you can bring together people in far-flung locations with our acclaimed virtual games.

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Group Activities<br /> in Metro Detroit

Museum and outdoor scavenger hunts for groups

Take your favorite group on a whirlwind tour, in which your search for answers to amusing questions leads you to discover amazing art, artifacts, and the talents of your teammates.

Whether you’re finding bizarre figures in masterpieces at the Detroit Institute of Arts, or boggling at objects that made momentous history and wound up at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, no previous knowledge is necessary: humor and collaboration are the keys to victory. These team-building hunts provide a level playing field for all participants so no one will feel left out, and even the grumps who hate games will love the cool stuff they discover.

If you can’t leave the office, the Murder by Team Building Game can be played in any conference room.

Virtual team-building games

On our Virtual Team-Building Games you’ll meet with our Host on Zoom or your favorite conferencing platform. Then, on teams, you'll go into breakout rooms and use our browser-based app to follow a trail of clues across amazing websites, in search of answers to humorous questions.

What game is best for your team? Depending on the game you choose, you could explore museums and famous places across America or even across the globe; or you might crack puzzles to solve a murder mystery; or you might tackle tricky trivia in a virtual "pub quiz" with surprising challenges.

If your group is up for more of a challenge, try a Murder Mystery Scavenger Hunt. Or, if you enjoy escape-the-room games, see if you have what it takes to find your way out of a museum—with your life.

You can book a virtual game for your favorite group anytime. Check out our Virtual Team-Building Games.

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