Group Activities<br /> in Metro Detroit

Group Activities
in Metro Detroit

Scavenger Hunts in Detroit & Dearborn

Top 5 Museum & Virtual Tour Games

Discover the secrets of your favorite Detroit neighborhood on a fun, funny scavenger hunt that will bring out the best in your team. If you can't make it in person, take a tour of America's great museums—including the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation—on virtual scavenger hunts.

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Group Activities<br /> in Metro Detroit

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When we are able to run our famous games in the real world, you can explore in person one of the great museums in Detroit or Dearborn. Take your favorite group on a whirlwind tour, in which your search for answers to amusing questions leads you to discover amazing art, artifacts, and the talents of your teammates.

Whether you’re finding bizarre figures in masterpieces at the Detroit Institute of Arts, or boggling at objects that made momentous history and wound up at the Henry Ford Museum of American Innovation, no previous knowledge is necessary: humor and collaboration are the keys to victory. These team-building hunts provide a level playing field for all participants so no one will feel left out, and even the grumps who hate games will get engaged by the cool stuff they discover.

Learn more about some of our Popular Detroit and Dearborn Scavenger Hunts:

  • The Murder at the Detroit Institute of Arts Scavenger Hunt challenges you to decipher a coded message from a spy by finding key details about works of art in the museum. A version of the hunt without the murder-mystery element is also available for a more easygoing adventure—perfect for both corporate team building and fun with friends.
  • The Henry Ford Frenzy Scavenger Hunt turns the Dearborn museum’s massive collection of Americana into a fun-house romp, in which intriguing, team-building questions prompt you to find the most amazing, amusing, and bizarre facts about the objects on display. Starring: an exploded car, Edison’s shocking inventions, long-lost video games, Lincoln’s fatal chair, and much more. Your high school social studies teacher never told you history could be this much fun.
  • The Escape the Detroit Historical Museum Scavenger Hunt mixes the wily puzzles of escape-room games and a scavenger hunt, with clues leading to essential info in the galleries—from the re-created 19th-century streets of Detroit to 20th-century legends of sports and pop culture.
  • The Grab ’n’ Go Scavenger Hunt gives classic scavenger hunts a contemporary twist, with surprising objects to collect or create, unusual Team Photo Challenges, a mystery message to crack, and a bonus challenge with our Hunt Host. Best of all, it can be played in just about any outdoor location.

If you can’t leave the office, the Murder by Team Building Game can be played in any conference room. And Kids Editions are designed to have youngsters collaborating with adults.

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